Your feedback required: Recovery of database files

There are quite a few users affected by these 2 issues:

  • Change to SkyDrive authentication breaks the synchronization and user has unsynchronized changes.
  • Or synchronization not working for some reason.

I’ll need to provide user a way to get the database file out of their phone. Emailing the database is certainly an option, but the SDK doesn’t provide a way for 7Pass to attach the database file to an email, thus, it’s not possible directly.

I’ve then looked into encoding the database file as text to send as email. I have no clue how much data can the SDK handle (I’ve got bad feedback regarding 10MB DB file limit, imagine > 10MB binary encoded to text) or possible cases when filters on the mail server may screw up the encoding.

The most straightforward approach that I can find is to use a file sharing service. In case you really need to get your database out of 7Pass and have no alternative, you can choose to allow 7Pass to upload your database file to a cloud service and provide you with an URL to download to your preferred device. This approach does comes with concerns though:

  1. With the controversial over NSA spying, I have no faith in any provider, so this approach is doomed from the very beginning.
  2. I’d prefer to use a 3rd party service that already have proven track record of honouring user’s privacy and anonymous. I don’t know of any yet, so your input is greatly appreciated.
  3. The alternative is to deploy an Azure service that I have control, so it’s designed for 7Pass, which should be easier. However, by “having control”, it also raise concern of users whether I will collect their database files. This is a valid concern and I myself greatly try to avoid this. Moreover, I have no clue how to make sure Microsoft won’t keep a backup of your database file.

My bottom of my heart, I’d suggest the users with unsycnhronized changes try to manually synchronize the database, rather having to take this hard approach.

Users, please voice your feedback in comment section of this post.

PS: FYI, the planned 7Pass version for WP8 will use a different approach of synchronization, so this only applies to current version of 7Pass, meaning it’s only a temporary service.


7Pass 3.6 released

7Pass 3.6 is now available globally for Windows Phone 7.5 or later (WP8).

What’s new

  • Removed .doc renaming since it’s no longer required.
  • Switched to SkyDrive OAuth 2.0.
  • Added file limit of 10MB. You will now no longer able to add new KeePass databases that is larger than 10MB. 7Pass cannot reliably handle large databases so it’s better to prevent user from adding it in the first place than fail to process it later.
  • Updated url for WebDAV.
  • Fixed issue with cases when folder names are not displayed in WebDAV.

All users of 7Pass are recommended to upgrade to this version as Microsoft is going to retire the old SkyDrive authentication, and we have less than 30 days before the old authentication will be blocked, meaning users will no longer able to add new database from SkyDrive, or synchronize database to SkyDrive with older versions of 7Pass.

What’s next

7Pass for Windows Store (7Pass RT) is in development, and I plan to have 7Pass for Windows Phone 8 after that.

7Pass planning

It’s been sometime that this blog was not updated. I really appreciate that feedback has been very strong even in these uncertain moments.

I’ve received lots of feedback and ideas, suggestions for the next version of 7Pass. I’m not going to abandon 7Pass, it’s just not the moment yet for the next version:

  • Windows Store application (for Windows 8): KeePass 2.x is working exceptionally well with Windows 8 on Intel CPU, so I don’t see any reason to port 7Pass to Windows Store yet. Unless Windows RT is final and comes up with some reason that KeePass 2.x cannot be used on it, then I’ll consider porting 7Pass to Windows Store.
  • Windows Phone:
    • Current 7Pass has reached its limitation, which adding new features and fixing issues has became tedious.
    • Windows Phone 7: There will definitely the next version for Windows Phone 7 Mango users, which I am one myself.
    • Windows Phone 8: SDK information has been very limited. It’s not a good time for a new version of 7Pass at the moment. The framework is supposed to be easier to develop. SkyDrive seems to no longer restrict file extensions.
    • I would want to wait and see how the Windows Phone 8 turns out to be. Let’s see how Clipboard handling, browser sand-boxing, SkyDrive integration, task parallel suport, etc… There are lots of things I’d want to see before deciding which approach should I do for 7Pass vNext.

I hope the Windows Phone 8 will be available soon, and look forward another amazing trip with Windows Phone development.

Thank you all again for constantly remind me that you care. You are all amazing.

7Pass 3.4 released

Good news! 7Pass is now published to all markets.

What’s new

SkyDrive support with full synchronization capability. The limitation of file extension still apply. 7Pass will help you rename the extension so you don’t have to.

  • New DropBox authentication method, so that you don’t have to provide your credentials to 7Pass. The new authentication mode allows you to authenticate against DropBox itself, instead of 7Pass.
  • Localization to several languages.

What’s next

7Pass has changed significantly from the view-only 7Pass 1.0. It’s amazing to look back at 7Pass 1.0 and see how far 7Pass has gone. With SkyDrive support, the synchronization sources for 7Pass can now satisfy most users. It’s now the time for me to focus more on the user interface and performance of 7Pass.

7Pass’ user interface is definitely not too friendly. I admire the UI of Skype, Bird Song and Facebook (even though I doesn’t use it myself) apps. I’ve also heard about the amazing UI of 4th & Major, but didn’t have chance to try it out. I have lots of idea in mind, but didn’t have the chance to really try out.

As a heavy 7Pass user myself, I found 7Pass still too slow, even in case I’ve saved my password and pinned the database to my home screen for quick access. I wanted it to be blazingly fast, able to give me my password as fast as possible. Database modification is very nice, but I rarely use it, and the usage statistic confirms it.

Database modification usage count is less than 1% of the times a database is opened. Entry viewing and Search are obviously the most used features. However, to view an entry, I currently have to:

  • Open the database using the pinned tile on home screen.
  • Tap on Search button.
  • Type some characters (mostly 3).
  • Tap the first entry if found, or tap the enter key to hide the keyboard and tap the results.

So, as you’d have guessed, the next version of 7Pass will be 4.0. It should have a better UI, faster performance, and technically, has unit tests. I can’t promise that every goal I set will be met, but I’ll try my best.

While 7Pass 4.0 is in development, I plan to have another release of 7Pass to integrate to more refined translations of 7Pass. Thank you guys, it is amazing how supportive you all are on the translation of 7Pass.

By the way, I’d also want to say sorry to those who expected my reply but did not received. My full day work is quite busy. If I have not replied you, please kick my ass by sending a reminder so that I’ll remember to reply you

You all are amazing. 7Pass would not be possible without your support.

7Pass 3.4 marketplaces

  • Australia
  • China
  • Hong Kong SAR
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • United States

Call for translations contribution

Dear 7Pass users,

7Pass is now ready for translation at Transifex, the excellent translation service.

In order to contribute translation for 7Pass:

  1. Sign up for a free account at Transifex. Please note that you won’t have to pay anything for this, it’s absolutely free.
  2. Access 7Pass project page on Transifex and contribute. I’ve set the permission so that anyone can contribute.

I’ve current set the languages to English an German only. If you’d want to contribute for another language, please contact me using the Feedback form. Please note that only languages listed in below link are supported in Windows Phone (OS 7.1 column):

Culture and Language Support for Windows Phone

Please also remember to make use of the buttons:

  • Auto translate button to have the text automatically translated by Bing so that you’ll only need to do minor edits.
  • Copy source button in case the translation is exactly the same.

Latest translation contribution progress:

Top translations: 7Pass » strings

7Pass 3.4 Beta sent

Hi Beta testers,

7Pass 3.4 Beta installation link has been sent to all subscribers of the Beta Program.

This beta features SkyDrive support with full synchronization capability.

This version, and probably next 7Pass release, will have some small issue:

  • Case: you made changes to your local database and synchronize it. Your database on SkyDrive doesn’t have not changed since last synchronization,
  • What will happen: your local database will be uploaded to your SkyDrive.
  • Restriction: SkyDrive limits file type of the uploaded file to certain support extensions only, which naturally doesn’t include kdbx.
  • Work-around: your database will first be uploaded with the extension of .doc, then renamed to the correct .kdbx extension.
  • Issue: You may sometime see a file with .doc extension (ex: Passwords.kdbx.doc) in case the synchronization fail. You can certainly delete it or it will be deleted next time your database is synchronized.

You can also download the Beta .xap file from:

Update 24th December:

I was able to confirm that databases from SkyDrive cannot support .kdbx extension. SkyDrive not only not allow uploading of kdbx files, but all also disallow renaming of files to kdbx, which is the workaround I used. They even didn’t politely says that it’s restricted, just a simple rename success message with…. the old name. So, the “workaround” is to use .doc as the extension for your database, meaning you’ll have to use something like Passwords.doc instead of Passwords.kdbx. I know this is a huge blow to SkyDrive support, but it’s beyond my control.

Happy holiday and Merry Christmas to you all. Let’s hope that it’ll be better next year.

7Pass 3.3 released

7Pass 3.3 is now available on MarketPlace globally, with these changes:

  • Fixed WebDAV bug.
  • Fixed global pass not displayed on app switch.
  • Added field editing and asterisks support.
  • Fixed protected field textbox display in light theme.

This is the same version as 7Pass 3.3 Beta 2. Thanks again to beta testers for trying out our beta. The beta version will soon be retired.

Plan for next 7Pass version:

  • SkyDrive support. I know, it supposed to be in this release, but my progress was not as expected, and partially because the Live Connect SDK that SkyDrive support depends on is not allowed to be used for production yet.
  • German localization, which is also supposed to be in 3.3. I’ll try my best to have this in next version.
  • Attachment view (text file and image). I’m not sure if I can support PDF and MS Office files. PDF will definately has an issue with security due to the Adobe PDF ready on WP7 will save the document in its cache, which can be seen again by launching Adobe PDF Viewer directly.


I can confirm that the 7Pass Trial/Paid version is being wrongly named 7Pass Free. I’m sorry about this mistake. Even though the name is incorrect, it will work just right. Unfortunately, an fix for this naming issue will take sometime as the AppHub is pretty slow to process submissions at the moment (understandable: it’s holiday time in the US).