7Pass 1.4 is delayed, expect 7Pass 2

The support for DropBox has been implemented. The authenticate once, update frequent, plus the encrypted connect is really awesome. Unfortunately, I don’t have an update with DropBox support in time for this week’s release yet.

As an compensation, I’m working to include multiple database to 7Pass, and make it 7Pass 2.0. This version will address the following issues:

  • Supports DropBox
  • Eliminate issue with back button on Password page
  • Allow quick update of database(s) without having to type in password

The databases selection screen will display the databases with the following format:

[Database Name] [Password] [Update] [Delete]

  • Database Name: name of database, I’ll use the name set inside the database, not the file name.
  • Password: icon button, displayed if you have password remembered for that database. Clicking on the icon will remove the saved password
  • Update: icon button, clicking on the icon will update the database from the same URL when it’s added, so one less step for the update
  • Delete: delete the database.

With the new improve flow of pages, I think the app will be easier to use and become more useful for everyone.


11 thoughts on “7Pass 1.4 is delayed, expect 7Pass 2

  1. Andrew says:

    Sounds great. Hopefully I’ll finally be able to use it, as I said, I feel uncomfortable having the database in an unprotected area of my site. Currently I use FTP with KeePass, is this a possible addition to 7Pass?

  2. i have buyed the app today, but on the settings screen there is still the text “Thank you for trying 7pass. You are at usage 3 out of 50 available for trial period. Click here to purchase your license.” I have buyed it with zune desktop. if i click the link under the text in the app, i come to the marketplace description, but i cant buy it here, no buttons available.

    i have now opened the marketplace on the phone, searched for 7pass. now there are the buttons “kaufen” (buy) and “versenden” (send). i have clicked on “kaufen”, there was a very short download and after them, the text at the settings screen was gone. do i have buyed it now two times? or is this a normal behavior?

    • Thank you for your support.
      I think you’ve purchased it only once, which mean only the second time is successful.

      According to my understanding, user will only be charged once for every app, even if they uninstall and install it again, or with a new version of the app. Please check your credit card again and contact Microsoft for refund if you’re really charged twice. Unfortunately, the purchasing is done by Microsoft so I can’t help you check the records.

      Thanks again for your support.

  3. Jeremy says:

    I haven’t tried 7Pass yet (I’m going to download it in a moment), but have you thought of using Synced folders through Sky Drive to store the DB? I use Windows Live Mesh and store my .kdbx on Sky Drive and it syncs to all my different computers… it would be awesome if that could be done on the phone also (especially since Microsoft is using Windows Live heavily with WP).



    • Hi Jeremy,

      7Pass doesn’t have support for SkyDrive for the following reasons:
      1. SkyDrive currently doesn’t have any API to access its contents (yet). There is some library to access the drive, but by emulating the browser’s activities, rather than using an official API. That means changes to the SkyDrive UI will likely breaks SkyDrive support.
      2. Apps cannot access your Live account information set in the phone, so you’ll have to enter your Live ID and password again in 7Pass if SkyDrive is supported.

      However, there’s an advantage for SkyDrive: every WP7 user will have at least one Live account, so SkyDrive should always be available for WP7 users.

      Thank you for your interest in 7Pass.

      • pocketDragon says:

        Thanks for that skydrive explanation. It’s alway a good thing when a develper explains why they didn’t or couldn’t choose a particular option a customer requests. I also whould have liked a skydrive option, but this make me okay with using dropbox. I purchased a little while ago and am slowly moving about 400 records from eWallet. I look forward to your future improvements.

      • Jeremy says:

        Thank you for answering, I am definitely not a developer and like pocketDragon said it is awesome when you have open communication with a developer and they take the time to answer questions. Hopefully Microsoft develops that API because I would love that functionality.


  4. Andrea says:

    I’ve just bought the app looking forward to upgrade to version 2.0 since I’d like to synchronize the file.kdbx using Dropbox .
    Do you have any idea of when you’ll be ready to submit it?

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