7Pass 2.0 submitted to MartketPlace

It will normally takes 3-4 days for the testing, so users can expect it to be available globally on Thursday US time.

This version has been rebuilt from the ground. What’s new in this version:

Multiple databases

7Pass now supports multiple databases. Every time you add a new database, 7Pass remembers the information required to download the database, and use the same information for updating the database.

From the main screen, you can single tap to open the database, or tap and hold to open the context menu for that database:


  • Clear Password: enabled if you chose to save your password with the database. If a database has saved password, it will have the lock icon.
  • Rename: displays the screen to rename the database. I wanted to use the name specified in the database, but then that name is only available once the data has opened the database. I need a name for identification before the database is opened, so the file name and ability to rename it naturally comes to mind.
  • Update: uses the same information you’ve provided to download the database again in background. If the database is successfully downloaded, the database will have the download icon. Please note that updating the database will remove your saved password. This is because of how 7Pass saves your password internally.
  • Delete: delete the database from your phone. This of course will not delete the file from your source server.

If you’ve installed a previous version of 7Pass, the old database will be displayed as “7Pass 1.x database”.

DropBox supports

7Pass 2.0 adds support for DropBox, the most asked for feature. DropBox is surprisingly popular among KeePass users. With support for DropBox, it’s really easy to update the database frequently and securely. All communication with DropBox is encrypted, so your database will be well protected.


Web links browsing

Invalid file signature was a common issue with previous version of 7Pass. It’s quite common that it just work on the desktop browser but not 7Pass, because the server responses with a web page to forward the browser to the real file.

In 7Pass 2.0, if the file signature is invalid, 7Pass attempts to parse the response using UTF8 (sorry, no encoding detection) and display links that it can detect. User will the be able to navigate multiple pages before reaching the real database file.


Unfortunately, if you use https and the server’s certificate is not valid, 7Pass still displays a generic NotFound error. In the next version, I plan to add a detection for this case and point the user to the blog post so that they can solve the problem.

Web authentication

Some user would prefer to have his own server, password protected and use encrypted https connection. 7Pass 2.0 now supports authentication so that the user can specify username, password and optionally domain to log in to the server for file downloading. This authentication works well with WebDAV, and I’ve added an experimental support for Box.net. In the web download page, if you click on the “…” button in the application bar, you’ll see the “Use Box.net” item. Tap on it, then fill in your email, password for your Box.net account and you should be able to navigate your Box.net folders to download your KeePass database.


Trial notification

Trial notification used to be a blocking message box that requires the user to click on a button every time they view an entry.

In 7Pass 2.0, the notification will only displayed once for every application usage, as a small notification and automatically disappear after 5 seconds. It doesn’t block user from viewing the main database, neither does it block any feature of 7Pass. Tapping on the notification will bring user to the review/buy page.


About page

Another new feature is the About page. I hope this page will help directing user with questions/feedback to this blog, so that I can help as well as receive help from them. Reviews on the MartketPlace is still useful, but unfortunately, I cannot reply or contact the user. To write something on the review page, I’ll have to give rating to 7Pass, which is not right since I’m its author. I’ll also have to sign up for every single MartketPlace to give individual reviews on them, that’s horrible.



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