Fix for fields not displayed released

7Pass 2.1 has been released to the MartketPlace. Unfortunately, I made a mistake of not noting the change when uploading the release.

This is a bug fix and improvement release:

  • Fixed: Fields not displayed.
  • Improvement: Detect case of invalid SSL certificate.

With this release, I hope 7Pass is stable enough for everyday use.

Please send in your requests for new feature as I think we’ll have one more release with new features before the copy and paste in released for WP7. Once copy and paste is available, editing support will be the major feature so others will have to be left after that.

Thank you all for reporting issues, send in your ideas and good reviews for 7Pass.


6 thoughts on “Fix for fields not displayed released

  1. Kalvin says:

    That’s great! Thank you for fixing this!

    I find 7Pass really useful – it will be even better when there’s cut and paste. In the meantime, is there an easy way to scroll through data in a field? (When I have a lot of text in a field it is hard to scroll horizontally to see the whole width of the text. Scrolling vertically is OK as the field grows vertically to accomodate the text.)



  2. I’m excited about 7Pass. when you get editing done, I’m going to convert over from eWallet. I’ve used eWallet a long time but their Windows Phone version doesn’t support editing (either).

    Feature requests
    1. Editing would be useful even without copy and paste. A lot of my passwords have nothing to do with the web and even if they do, it would be useful.
    2. Integrated web browser. With or without copy and paste, this would give users a way to get their user ids and passwords into a web page. Even with copy and paste, I’m assuming you can only copy 1 item, so if you copy your password you will still have to remember your username. You should be able to do this with the web browser tool.
    3. Windows Live SkyDrive support for syncing. DropBox is great, but I already run the Windows Live Mesh sync tool and don’t really want to run both.

    • Hi Thomas,

      1. Copy & Paste is rumored to be coming to WP7 soon, I’d want to implement the editing only once when the features of copy and paste is available.
      2. I think integrated web browser has always the very high priority feature of all passwords managers for WP7. Due to security reasons, WP7 limits what an application can do with the browse. For example this thread from another vendor:
      3. SkyDrive is a much requested feature, but it’s too complicated to implement now. There’s no official API, even with unofficial ways to access the SkyDrive, it’s limited to Windows due to usage of Live Passport usage of the Live authentication, which is not open source.

      Thank you for your suggestions and interest in 7Pass.

      • one thing you might consider for the web browser is just to display the credentials at the bottom of the screen. then I could type them in and you could hide the credentials.

        I think that LastPass has an integrated web browser.

  3. Hi Thomas,

    Excellent idea. Sometimes I just want to write the password somewhere so that I can type it in the phone, but of course I should never do so.
    I’m looking into a UI that takes up least space so that the user can have maximum space for the web browser.

    Thank you again for the simple, yet excellent idea.
    Regarding the time line, integrated browser will come after keyfile support, which I’m in progress of implementation.

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