Changes for next version

I’d want to thank all users for your suggestions and ideas which made 7Pass development so much fun.

I’d want to update everyone on changes currently made for 7Pass, which will be included in next version of 7Pass:

  • Version number in About page (feedback from Guest).
  • Field value textbox auto size to display all values (feedback from Kalvin).
  • Display entry/group path in Search result instead of notes (feedback from JoeUnplugged).
  • Auto focus the default textbox so user doesn’t have to tap on it manually (Rename, Search, DropBox and Web download page).

Please continue to send in your suggestion so that we’ll have an even better 7Pass.


2 thoughts on “Changes for next version

  1. JoeUnplugged says:

    Wow – thanks for adding the folder information! Keep up the great work! is there any chance you will create this app for the iPhone or the Blackberry? I have friends and family that haven’t adopted the Windows 7 Phone (yet!!).

    • Hi Joe,

      I’m sorry but I don’t have any plan for other platforms yet. 7Pass already have features that I’ve prefer to work on to provide 7Pass users the best for their investment.

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