Keyfile support implemented

Keyfile support has now been implemented. There are 2 new items in database’s context menu (tap and hold the database name to show the context menu):


  • Download Keyfile: Download your keyfile. The download process is the same as downloading your database. Please note that keyfile must be updated manually because I think the keyfile should not be changed frequently.
  • Clear Keyfile: deletes the keyfile (enabled if you have a keyfile).

With this new feature, you can now use databases protected by:

  • Master password only.
  • Keyfile only.
  • Master password and keyfile.

I’ll have to update the documents to synchronize with this new feature. Please send in your ideas in the comments about this feature so that I can change it before submission to the MartketPlace. As always, code changes for this feature is now on GitHub.

I’ll submit the app for publish (7Pass 2.2) before taking a leave for the next 2 weeks. For those who celebrate Lunar New Year, have a happy and prosperous new year.


10 thoughts on “Keyfile support implemented

  1. Paul Belcl says:

    tried 7pass, but could not get logged in to dropbox ;-(
    every time i put in my email & passwort the login window comes back and tells my login data is not correct.
    use 7pass on a HTC HD7 (german language!)
    please help!

  2. Loren says:

    Sorry to comment on an old post but my question is about using a key file.

    Is there no way to use a key file that is copied directly to the phone?

    I only have one account on dropbox and would prefer not to have the key file and kdbx stored on the same account.

  3. Jacob says:

    I am trying to use version of 7Pass. My database is protected by password + keyfile. I’m trying to copy the keyfile from my webserver. Always getting the error message: “You’ve selected an invalid/corrupted keyfile.”

    What could be wrong here?

    1) Is it a quirk of the UI which isn’t clear to me? How do I make sure 7Pass is trying to authenticate with password + keyfile?

    2) Is it possible that my ASCII keyfile is getting converted to Unicode or another charset? I’m running SimpleWP7WebServer on my PC to copy the keyfile.

    • Shane says:

      I’m getting this exact same error. Driving me crazy. Can’t figure it out. I’ve tried everything I can think of, but it always comes up with the same error. Anyone know of another KeePass app for WP8?

    • Shane says:

      I think I partially figured this out, at least for my specific use case of 7pass. I use a master password and a keyfile. My keyfile is about 60k. Looking at the source code, this keyfile is being treated differently then if it were a 32 or 64 byte keyfile. Even when I do successfully load the keyfile, the hash algorithm subsequently fails, but I’m not sure why.

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