7Pass 2.2 submitted to MarketPlace

7Pass 2.2 has been submitted to MartketPlace with the following changes:

  • Added KeyFile support.
  • Fixed DropBox login.
  • Display group/entry path in search result.
  • Larger field value display.
  • Moved Demo database to application bar for paid users.
  • Improved keyboard navigation.
  • Version number in about page.

Expect it to be available in the market by Thusday.

In a relevant news from Microsoft to developers, copy & paste is coming to Windows Phone 7 “soon”. After my 2 weeks leave, I’ll be back with 7Pass and the next big thing will be integrated browser and copy & paste integration.

There are also other features that are very much requested:

  • Editing support: will take longer to implement.
    Limitation: databases downloaded from web server cannot be updated.
    Ensuring compatibility with KeePass  will be a big thing as I may not be able to make it right in the first release.
  • SkyDrive support: it’s no surprise at as soon as DropBox is supported, user asks for SkyDrive even more than before. I think we can use the hacky way to emulate the browser to download the database. Therefore, the downloading speed will be slow. If only SkyDrive have an API.

As I’ll be away for 2 weeks, please voice your vote because I’ll proceed with the most requested feature first.


6 thoughts on “7Pass 2.2 submitted to MarketPlace

  1. My favourite feature of KeePass on desktop PC is Auto-Type. Would be great if this could be implemented for WP7!
    No need for SkyDrive. Editing is less important since I normally do not create new passwords if I am on the road with my mobile phone.

  2. Another wish: Do not show contents of “Recycle Bin” as search results. Maybe to realize as option but for me search results of Recycle Bin should at least be shown at the end of the list in any case. I have a group called “Social Networks”. All entries in Recycle Bin are shown first so I have to scroll to get my first entry in “Social networks” that’s not in the Recycle Bin already.


  3. Oliver says:

    I vote for SkyDrive support!

    Although I didn’t expect that a special implementation for SkyDrive would be necessary. I put my .kdbx file into the public SkyDrive folder. The link to it looks like that:


    In my opinion 7Pass should be able to work with that URL, or doesn’t it support encrypted https connections?

    That said, I would be very happy about SkyDrive support. Phantastic app, will buy it for sure.

  4. Ben says:

    Second for skydrive support!

    I’ve tried the URL like Oliver above and just cant make it play, I assume its the authentication type (i.e using the live ID) that’s not playing nicely.

    Keeping the trial on the phone so I can pick up the skydrive update when it comes 😉 Until then i cant really use it (I mesh my database between 3 pc’s and its always updating


  5. Marvin says:

    Great Job with 7Pass!

    The only thing i also miss: SkyDrive Support!
    For now, i have to make an dropbox-account just for 7Pass. SkyDrive would be convenient and reasonable ’cause every WindowsPhone 7 user has SkyDrive. Therefore i would give your App 5 Stars!

  6. ITrainer says:

    SkyDrive support is essential in my opinion. I have many many IT staff members using keepass and they are waiting for a more convenient way to transfer the database.SkyDrive support will be a major improvement.

    thank you

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