Update on 7Pass progress

Hi 7Pass users,

The most requested feature for 7Pass was database editing, followed by SkyDrive integration. The lack of copy & paste prevented me from having database edit from the first days.

I looked forward copy & paste so much, adding features in a hurry so that I’ll have enough time for database editing. But then I was disappointed to know that even when copy & paste is available, applications will not be able to access the clipboard directly. Ok, not so eager anymore, but accepted. Rome was not built in one day.

Now, middle of March, and there is still no sign of this update any time soon. It got even worse that there is absolutely no official timeline when the update is available. I was disappointed the second time when I saw an update for my phone, only to realize that it’s an update for the update system.

Nokia has just announced that they will only start to produce products for Windows Phone next year. That means to me that Windows Phone OS is not really ready until next year.

Database editing is a major feature. It touches everything. Ensuring full compatibility with the Windows KeePass is already hard. I need to add saving support to DropBox (easy) and WebDAV (oh my). And then with updating comes conflict resolving.

Thinking forward about SkyDrive integration, the second most asked for (I even got a zero point rating for the free version for not having SkyDrive support), I wonder how many years more do I need to wait for SkyDrive to have an API, and then for it to really be integrated into Windows Phone.

This time of calming is not good. No new update. No news about new feature. Posts about Windows Phone development reduced to the minimum. Hi Microsoft, are you sleeping again?


6 thoughts on “Update on 7Pass progress

  1. Henning says:

    I would like to see some kind of SkyDrive integration as well … or how am I supposed to keep my database in sync with my desktop?

    Makes me wonder, why this is so hard, since other apps (like photo) can upload directly to skydrive.

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