Got NoDo on my phone

I’ve successfully followed the tips from a XDA Developer forum’s thread.

I guess disconnecting the network connection in step 5 cut short the update rules retrieving, preventing any rules from excluding your phone from the update.

The update takes quite long, especially the update apply step which took quite some time.

So far, I have not noticed any significant change in application launch. Copy & paste works.

The real purpose I wanted on this update is to verify that 7Pass doesn’t suffer from the issue with placing a textbox in a Panorama.


3 thoughts on “Got NoDo on my phone

  1. i can report that 7pass work very well with the NoDo Update. i can copy data from the app and paste it somwhere else.

    for application launch: there are changes. try a graphical app like fruit ninja. it take a very very long time to load without nodo, but with nodo it loads a lot faster. other apps like 7pass will not benefit much from the update regarding to loading speed. it loads up very quickly before and after. i think this has something todo with graphical data and redesigning access to the filesystem. also my battery will benefit from this. it lives 10 – 20% longer now (standby time).

    btw: i dont give up the hope, that you add editing functionality to your app after this update. i know to be annoying, but i think your app has the better ui at this time and i like it more then the other.

  2. Cam On for the app 😉

    Good idea on naming it Free compared to Trial. Free sounds better and doesn’t give people the impression that it will expire.

    I am getting the Sprint Arrive soon so if you need any testing from a CDMA user let me know.

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