7Pass 2.4: update for KeePass 2.15 compatibility

I’ve completed the changes needed to make 7Pass compatible with KeePass 2.15. The changes in database structure did not affect 7Pass at all since it doesn’t handle attached files. The change was simple and should be available for all MarketPlace within the coming week (18-22 April).

There’ll be some tiny surprise(s) in this update, so please leave comment here when you notice anything new in 7Pass 2.4.

Update: 7Pass failed a test case, therefore, I had to submit the 2.4 update again. Since tomorrow will be Good Friday, I afraid the update will only be available next week. Sorry for this delay and thank you all for your support.


7 thoughts on “7Pass 2.4: update for KeePass 2.15 compatibility

  1. Chris says:

    I have downloaded this application via the marketplace. When I try and open a file it gives an error saying

    “Invalid File Signature detected. Specified file is not a 2.x file”..

    The file has a kdbx extension and was created with Keepass 2.15 and saved directly to dropbox.
    Any ideas why ?

    • Hi Chris,

      7Pass 2.4 is not available on the MarketPlace yet. As I’ve updated this post, the testing process is having some issue and will be only available next week.

  2. WP7Hacker says:

    Hope one of the surprises is copy/paste support 🙂
    If not, it may be due to the use of textblock (did not look at src, though :).
    If so, there is a trick to enable copy/paste for textblock-like: make a textbox as read-only and change the style to textblock object. Like this:

    In the TextBox control include the textblock style, referencing it:
    <TextBox Height="113"
    Style="{StaticResource ReadOnlyTextBox}"

    Hope it helps.

    • Hi WP7Hacker,
      Copy & Paste is already available. Please double tap the password box to select all and then copy the password. This applies to username and fields as well.

    • I’ve added global password protection so that users can save passwords for all databases, and still requires a single password to open 7Pass.

  3. CM says:

    Downloaded the app and am using Keepass 2.19 but I get the db error, database is not in 2.X format. Any ideas. I have exported my db to a number of different formats in addition to the .kdbx, with no success. Any ideas?

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