7Pass 2.4 published to the MarketPlace

7Pass 2.4 has finally appeared on the MarketPlace. The free version should follow soon.

This version mainly addresses the issues with KeePass 2.15 database.

I’m sorry about the delays, caused by 7Pass failing tests, twice. Microsoft has stepped up its testing and communication, giving me a good impression.

There’re also news about the next update later this year. The development software for this new update will be available this May, featuring sockets (FTP anyone?) and multitasking. Hopefully, Clipboard access and SkyDrive integration will also be available.


3 thoughts on “7Pass 2.4 published to the MarketPlace

  1. Brad says:

    I like this app, but I noticed a little issue with the latest version that I don’t think was in the last. When using the builtin browser, the app bar is translucent so if there is a link or button at the bottom of the page then the app bar covers it up and you can’t click on the button or link.

    • Hi Brad,

      In previous version, the application bar is opaque, so you cannot see through it at all. I found it a waste of screen space, so I made it translucent, so the user can see through it. That doesn’t bring the option to tap through it though, that why’s it’s translucent, not totally transparent. If user can tap through it, then it’s difficult to tap on the user and password buttons.

  2. Thank you for this nice app, it looks and feels great. I just noticed a issue when you try to download the database from a url which can and should in my opinion be fixed.

    You cannot use FTP to download the database, just a http:// url with HTTP authentication. Most people would put their DB in a non public place, like it would be not be available via the webserver, in cPanel servers this would be the private folder, which cannot be accessed from the Internet, but you can put your private data there.

    I understand this is limitation with Windows Phone OS as it doesn’t allow sockets, but when their next update comes they will and you should add an FTP option.

    Also put a donation link here so people like me can send you a few bucks for this.

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