Get Satisfaction

This blog has long shown that it’s not very suitable for supporting 7Pass users. There are repeated questions, then the answers are sometimes directly in the comments (in reply to the question), or a separate blog post.

This proves hard to follow up for myself, and certainly frustrating for the user when he has any issue with 7Pass.

Therefore, I’ve explored the option of using another service for the customer support.

After looking around for services, I decided to use Get Satisfaction, which will allow you to:

  • Ask questions, which will be answered by me, or other helpful users.
  • Suggest/share your ideas and rate others’.
  • Report problems you have with 7Pass.
  • Receive updates.
  • Express your support for 7Pass.
You can quickly access Get Satisfaction page for 7Pass using the button on the right of this blog:
This blog will still be used for updates, so subscribers can rest assured that they’ll be updated.
I hope this service will allow me to better develop 7Pass for all of us.
Thank you all again for the very positive MarketPlace ratings.

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