Development progress – Database modification

Hi all,

I’ve had some time this week, partially feeling very exciting about the Mango update.

So far, I’ve managed to implement:

  • Pinning of databases to the start page. It works well on the emulator (target: Mango).
  • Made use of backtrack modification provided in Mango to improve the “Back to Root” & “Back to Databases” navigation.
    This change also allowed me to use transitions for some eye candy (target: Mango).
  • Improved the web navigation for the Detected Links page when you download database from a web server.
Last but not least: database modification.
The database could be quite big for a phone to handle, so I tried to avoid loading the whole database file in memory to make modifications. That, however, proved too complicated to do. Making modifications using forward only XML navigation is really painful.
So, in the end, I think it’s acceptable to be a little bit slow when saving changes to the database. This allowed much simpler code and allow much more flexible data processing.
With my current code (pushed to GitHub), I was able to make changes to the entries and groups (change details, move, create new – not all exposed via UI) and save this changes to a file.
I’ll still need to make sure the same progress is safe, meaning backing up the original database, write the new database and then recover if there’s something wrong during the writing.
Next will be implementing DropBox uploading and WebDAV uploading.
Regarding copy/paste support, as soon as I don’t have to make textboxes read only, copy/paste is simple. The whole textbox will be selected when you tap on it, so that you can either copy the content, or paste your clipboard on it. I’ve tried selecting the whole textbox when it’s readonly, but that caused some nasty bugs that I found no workaround. So please excuse me for not keeping the promise of adding copy/paste support when the OS does.
On a side note, I’ve managed to perform some FTP support, which looks good so far, but since Mango will not be released to consumers yet in the short term, this task is having lower priority.
Until next update, Van.

14 thoughts on “Development progress – Database modification

  1. WoW, thats good to hear. Great! I can’t await DB modification, slow or not. Is there a way to get a beta xap file? I have buyed the full version,so you don’t have a licensing problem.

  2. All official versions can be downloaded as *.xap from the GitHub page.
    For the next version onward, I’ll provide a link to the xap file for everyone’s convenient.

    Thanks for your interest and support.

  3. uhhhhh thanks. i test it at the moment 🙂 it works great. i can load and save a entry. saving is fast enough for my needings. my database is gz compressed 63kb in size. i think there is no big growing in the future. it could be 120kb at the end, but i think i reach this size only in some years. so its no problem. i love this program so much and iom happy, to have buyed it in early times.

    so when you now can add: upload to dropbox/webdav or better, automatic sync (optional enabled in settings), then you have the best app for passwords ready.

    ahhh my system Data is: HTC HD7 T9292, Version 7.0.7392, Firmware 2250.09.16901.207, Hardware Version 002

  4. Saving and synchronizing and reopening on the Desktop works great for me. I have tested this with 1 Entry. After some using, moving and editing, i would like to change some things:

    if you are in editing entry mode, please add a button in the bottom bar, to save the entry.
    with opened database, add a button in the bottom bar, to sync/save the database back to dropbox/webdav.
    can you add a function to “add” a new entry to the database or to delete a entry?

    there are only some wishes, im very happy with the current state of the app. great to can save now all things back to dropbox/webdav. i love the new copy&paste behavior, now you must only mark a textbox, to can copy it. great.

  5. Tested and found a error: After adding a “New entry” and “Synchronizing”, the file cant reopened with Dekstop Version. Size of the file smaller as the old one. Original file was around 62kb, the new one is 48kb. The same error occurs, when i modify an existing entry and sychronize this. in the last version this was not so. in preview 2, i cloud modify and sync the file without a problem.

    two oter things: there is no way to delete a entry or group. i dont know if i can add a group, but would be cool, to have such a option. second thing is: whats the difference between “long-tap” on database and “synchronizing” and “update all” in the bottom bar. i know the “update all” is for all entrys, but when i have only one database, is there a difference? then it should be “synchronize all”. so you have consistent entrys…

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