7Pass 3.0 preview – Database modification

I’ve done some touch up of the database modification and now has a preview version for this feature.

The entry page has been separated:

  • Main entry details page for viewing Title, User Name, Password & URL. This page has been reverted back to a normal page. The panorama caused too much problem with text selection. There are 2 menu items in the application bar: “save entry” & “reset entry”. Please note that 7Pass will not notify you whether you’ve made any change or not.
  • Only the first 50 characters from Notes are displayed as a link, which will take you to the Notes page. The Notes page is a simple page with a big textbox with text wrapping to allow easier text editing. There’s a “clear all” menu in the application bar to clear all the text. You can edit the notes and then go back to the Entry page to save your changes.
  • Another link at the end of the Entry page that shows the number of fields. If there is no field, this link is not displayed. You can now only edit field values, then go back to Entry page to save your changes.

Not yet available:

  • Upload to server (DropBox/WebDAV).
  • Detection of changes from another source and save database with another name.

As I’ve explained before, since the whole database is loaded in memory for the saving routine, it may be slow. Please note that this is a preview, so be very careful with your database. I’m not responsible for 7Pass failing to open your database.

If you have a developer phone or your phone is unlocked, please grab the following build and test the modification feature. This build will be installed side by side with the version you installed from MarketPlace (if you have).

Download: 7Pass_3_Preview.xap

Update (4 June): DropBox synchronization has been implemented.

Please be very careful with this version because it will actually upload your changes to your DropBox. 7Pass will, however, not overwrite your changes elsewhere since it has conflict detection. It will use another name if a conflict is detected and prompt you of the new file name.

Please also note that I’ve made use of the excellent DropNet library for communication with DropBox. This library currently use HTTP for the communication, so this is another reason why you should not use this preview with your sensitive data. I’ve suggested the author to update it for SSL.

Download: 7Pass_3_Preview_2.xap

KeePass stores your entry’s details in the history whenever you make any changes. 7Pass follows the same pattern. You cannot revert back to an old version using 7Pass yet, please use KeePass to do so.

Have fun.

Update (5 June): Implemented Create new entry.

Download: 7Pass_3_Preview_3.xap

Update (10 June): Database modification completed.

User can now:

  • Create new entry/group: Expand the Application Bar while viewing the group you’d want to create the entry/group in and select “new entry” or “new group”.
  • Rename group: Tap and hold on the item in group view page and select “rename”
  • Edit entry: Tap on entry to open and edit it. Save button and “reset” menu item in Application Bar is available when changes are made to the entry.
    Tap on notes to edit notes in a full screen page and then tap back to go back to entry details page, Save and “reset” button will be enabled.
    Do the same for fields. Please note that you cannot add new fields yet. Adding new field may not be included in 3.0 release, so request it and I’ll see if there’s enough demand for it.
  • Move entry/group: Tap and hold on the item in group view page and select “move”.
    A new page will be displayed starting at root group. Navigate through the groups structure and then label on top will display the currently selected group (ex: Passwords » General if you’re in General group).
    When you’ve navigated to the correct group, tap the “move here” button.
    Please note that the current group of the selected entry/group will not be displayed as it makes no sense to move an entry/group to its current location.
  • Delete entry/group: Tap and hold on the item in group view page and select “delete”.
    You’ll be notified if the entry is being moved to Recycle Bin or delete permanently.
    To enable/disable Recycle Bin, please do so using KeePass as this settings is not available directly in 7Pass.

Small change already included in previous preview: 7Pass now supports page rotation, so you can rotate the phone to its side for a better view. This especially true for the entry page and internal web browser.

Now, enjoy your 7Pass: 7Pass_3_Preview_4.xap



3 thoughts on “7Pass 3.0 preview – Database modification

  1. Im back from the holidays. I have tested adding a new entry. Reopening this on the Desktop works great. The size of the database changes as before. Saved with 7Pass its 48Kb and the same database with KeePass 2.15 is 63Kb. But there seems to be no problem with the database. I can ask Dominik, why the there is a change in size. i havent test the delete and group functions yet, but what i have seen, is great. i will test some things in the next days.

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