7Pass 3.0 progress

My thanks to Sebastian for help testing 7Pass 3.0, which significantly sped up my progress for 3.0.

I’ve also updated 7Pass to use the excellent DropNet library from Damian Karzon. No more trouble with DropBox REST issues.

So far, I was able to fix the issue with 7Pass crashing when deleting a Group, quite a lot of code refactoring, and currently, proper WebDAV implementation.

With my current progress with WebDAV, WebDAV will definitely be included in 3.0 for database synchronization.

Sebastian has also suggested automatically synchronizing the database every time it’s saved. This should be simple and everything should be done in background, notifying the user only in case of a conflict.

I’ve also added 7Pass usage tracking, using MixPanel, the fastest analytics service. Instead of using PreEmptive’s slow and intrusive solution, MixPanel allow me to send a web request in background so there’ll virtually no degrade in user experience. You’ll be asked if you’d want to allow 7Pass to send these information, as some user may not want their device ID to be sent out, or due to issues with the mobile internet plan.

Another minor change was to the free/trial notification. The notification will now be shown only 5 times, just enough for the user to know that he’s using a free/trial version. I read somewhere that a user called it a “nag” so I’d prefer to not showing it than nagging the user.

So, take the latest build and play with it anyway you like. WebDAV is not completed yet, but I’ll update this entry once I have a version with WebDAV implemented.

Update 22/06:

There’s a defect in Preview 5 that broke DropBox function.

Please use Preview 6 with the following changes:

  • Fixed DropBox login.
  • Added password quality estimation.
  • Automatically generates new password when creating new entry.

4 thoughts on “7Pass 3.0 progress

  1. Hello, i have downloaded Preview 5. Downloading a Database via WebDav works, but i cant use DropBox. The Login to DropBox seems to work, but after this, it loads and loads and loads. I have deleted 7Pass from the “Allowed Apps” Tab in Dropbox website. After a new Try, 7Pass appears automaticly. So i think, login works but i cant get the directory listing.

    However: After loading my Database over WebDav > Deleting a group works now. I have activated Usage Tracking for me. I dont have a error log or crash report for you, i can only report the behavior.

    • Can you please download the package again? Immediately after I publish this entry, I found that I did not put in the DropBox API key, so I corrected that and update the download file.

      Thank you.

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