7Pass Beta 1

Here comes the first Beta of 7Pass 3.0.

Change log:

  • Implemented WebDAV and added as a separate database source.
    If you’re using 7Pass with WebDAV server, please use add your database via WebDAV so that you can synchronize your database back to server later.
  • Replaced entry saved message box (blocking) with a toast message (non-blocking).
  • 7Pass now shows a toast message whenever you make changes to a database that cannot be synchronized.
    A database cannot be synchronized if it’s a Demo database, or if it was added from Web Server source.
  • Added automatically censoring of password, secret key when generating error report page.
If you’ve requested any feature and have not heard about it so far, it’s probably not included in 7Pass 3.0.
You can create an “Idea” ticket on GetSastifaction so that your feature maybe included in the next version of 7Pass.
PS. Regarding SkyDrive support, there have been some updates to SkyDrive UI and also some hints that applications can finally access SkyDrive data files. If you want SkyDrive support, please stay tuned of what the Windows Live team can do and hope for the best.

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