7Pass 3.1 submitted to MarketPlace

7Pass 3.1 contains fixes for most of the common problems reported by the users for 7Pass 3.0:

  • System.NotSupportedException: The URI prefix is not recognized.
  • System.NotSupportedException: NotSupportedException.
  • System.InvalidOperationException: Not allowed to call Show() when a navigation is in progress.
  • System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Invalid cross-thread access.
  • System.ArgumentNullException: Value can not be null, Parameter name: Text.
  • KeePass.Utils.QuitException: QuitException.
  • System.UriFormatException: Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined.

First and foremost, please excuse me for the large number of errors in 7Pass 3.0. The introduction of database modification also brought along lots of new code, and errors. I’m sorry for this inconvenient and thanks for you all for reporting bugs to me, some even includes the steps to reproduce the issue, making fixing them so much faster and easier.

There’s technically no new feature in 3.1, just bug fixes to ensure everyone has a smooth, pleasant 7Pass experience.

MarketPlace testers are already testing 7Pass 3.1, let’s hope that it’ll be out on the MarketPlace soon. Thank you all again for the support and have a pleasant 7Pass experience.


14 thoughts on “7Pass 3.1 submitted to MarketPlace

  1. Thx for the new version. I didnt have found this bugs in the final, but maybe, i havent used the right functions. but its good to know that, if there are bug, they are fixed in real fast time.

  2. Kari says:

    Having few problems with 3.1 at the moment. First and biggest is that it doesn’t sync with DropBox, gonna try to fix it later by re-adding the database. Second is weird desyncing when scrolling down list, this didn’t happen before. Anyway great tool, definetly will buy it ones Marketplace opens in my area. Any change of Skydrive support in future?

    • Hello Chad. I can save my database with Desktop 2.16 and open it with 7Pass 3.1 on the Phone and visa versa. No problem here. If you have problem, please delete and redonwload a fresh copy of the database to your phone.

  3. pawel says:

    Today Microsoft updated their Skydrive APIs and streamlined registration process for developers. Hopefully you can now make 7pass access keepass databases from skydrive synced storage.

  4. The Generate Passwords window is quite slow in generating new passwords. This might be because on my LG Optimus 7 it generates an amazingly large number of entries – I couldn’t scroll down to the bottom, there are so many.

    • I’ve made the generation list limited in the next version. However, since the list is “virtualized”, it doesn’t matter how many items are there in the list.
      It’s possible that your phone doesn’t have NoDo update, which enables the virtualization. If it’s so, I’d suggest you to update your phone to the latest update possible, in order to make use of the copy & paste feature.

  5. n3 says:

    How many rounds are common for WP7? Because I use 100.000.000 on my PC and also 2.000.000 are to much for the WP7. So what is secure but also fast on a WP7?

    • I’d suggest the default value of 6000. You can try 12000 and see if it works for you.
      The transformations on the phone is slow because it’s not that fast compared to your PC.

  6. Jay says:

    Can you please post any contact info like an email?

    I want to purchase your app directly. Im not sure if this is related to it, but my 7pass opens without having to enter a password anymore. It this normal or its it because its the free version?

    I consider this highly insecure now. I also want to remove the free message that always popups up.

    Windows Marketplace only allows you to buy apps if you are in the US, please post some details where we can pay you maybe directy.

    • Hi Jay,

      You can contact me via wp7pass [at] hotmail.com, however, I’d prefer to communicate via this blog so that others having the same problem can find the resolution here.

      Regarding direct purchase, I’m sorry but I can’t provide this option. All purchases has to go through MarketPlace as the licensing is managed by Microsoft. Developers don’t even get to know who bought their app. Nevertheless, the popup will be shown only for 5 times, and it will disappear after that, so, have a good time using it.

      Regarding password handling, did you check the Save password option when opening the database? If you enabled the option, 7Pass will now remember your password for that database and will not ask for the password any more. You can clear the password by going to the Databases page, tap and hold on that database and tap “clear password” on the context menu.

  7. Jay says:

    So what you say is that the reason my database is now opening without a password is that option?

    How do you buy from the marketplace without a US credit card?

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