7Pass 3.2 Beta 1 now available on GitHub

Hi 7Pass users,

7Pass 3.2 Beta 1 is now available on GitHub. Please download it using the following link:


Starting from this build, 7Pass is targeted for Windows Phone 7.5, with the following new features:

  • Added pinning of database. You can now pin your database as a Live Tile in your home screen, instead of always have to start 7Pass and select your database.
  • Added navigation transition animations, for a more pleasure 7Pass usage.
  • Display username together with Entry name in Group view, instead of notes.
    The Group view has also been tweaked to display more items in one screen.
  • Improved password generation page, group view and entry view. Most used actions are now moved to Application Bar for easy access.
  • Fixed Analytics page grammar.
  • Allow entering line breaks in Notes box of the Entry page.
  • Automatically remove “.kdbx” prefix when download new database.
  • Other fixes from user error report.

2 thoughts on “7Pass 3.2 Beta 1 now available on GitHub

  1. Tan Teng Heng says:

    Very nice. Tested it and everything looks okay. Appreciate your adding “Allow entering line breaks in Notes box of the Entry page”. FYI, I’ve added a new group and a new entry from 7pass, uploaded to Dropbox, downloaded from Dropbox and opened with Keepass 2.15. Deleted the new group and entry, upload back to Dropbox, and using 7pass, downloaded and confirmed that the new group and entry was deleted.

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