7Pass 3.2 Beta 2 now available on GitHub

7Pass 3.2 Beta 2 is now available on GitHub. Please download it using the following link:


Changes since Beta 1:

  • Password is now displayed as asterisks when it’s not focused. Tapping on the password box will still show and select the password for copying to database or editing.
  • Display fields in 2 lines for more room for field value.
  • Easier Notes textbox scrolling.
  • Refresh group items only when necessaries.
  • Group notes are now displayed with group name. No modification support yet.
  • Display last modified time in Download pages (DropBox and WebDAV).
  • Promoted Box.net to a button in WebDAV login page.

4 thoughts on “7Pass 3.2 Beta 2 now available on GitHub

  1. The asterisks See a good idea. But if I click in a password field, copy the password and click now the windows button, the password is visible in the screenshot. So this works only, if leave the field before. I don’t know if a event can be called if someone click at the windows button, to hide the password. In addition all the other asterisk fields should be supported. Also the custom user defined fields. I don’t know if this is possible.

    For the new feature with two lines per field I couldn’t find a anything for now at my database, can you please provide a example usage?

    Also I couldn’t find the date of last download. But I must say, that I only have looked at the “select database” page.

    • Please see my reply to Tan for more information regarding asterisks.
      The fields in 2 lines basically means I display the field title in one line and then the textbox with field value in another line, instead of the same line, making the textbox very narrow.

  2. Tan Teng Heng says:

    All fields are showing as black, not asterisks, except for Notes. If I click on any of the field, the words inside is highlighted.

    Great that further improvement had been put in for Notes.

    I don’t see “Display last modified time in Download pages”.

    Can I suggest to have color selection as background or use the WP7 theme color?

    Can color be adde to the title of each page?

    • The asterisk only applies to the password field.

      The last modified time is displayed in the listing screen when you Download from DropBox or WebDAV. To try this, please go to Databases page, tap on “add new” button, tap on DropBox/WebDAV, type in your user and password, and tap “login”. The screens displaying the files and folders will also display last modification time of that file/folder. This helps me a lot because I often update the DB on my phone right after I modify it on my Desktop.

      I’ve made some experiment with background images, but unfortunately did not success. I’ll keep trying and let’s try how it works out.

      I don’t quite understand your idea of adding color to the title of the page?

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