Fields editing

A short demo of the upcoming fields view/edit feature.

Please don’t hesitate to voice your feedback in the comments of this post so that I can improve it further.


The previous field editing UI is too troublesome. I tried to squeeze too many feature into the screen, which requires more taps for user to perform common tasks, and hides the most needed value at the same time.

I’ve came up with an alternative UI that is easier to use, with bars of the left to guide use of the pair of field name and value.

Thanks for your comments.


7 thoughts on “Fields editing

  1. Tan Teng Heng says:

    Well, it seems to add on additional steps to do something but better than now when the fields are black and to see the contents, have to tap on each field. I tend to think that the view field and protection steps are not necessary.

    • I guess by saying “fields are black” you mean the bug when using 7Pass with a light theme, which the fields are falsely displayed with a total black bar instead of a textbox with dots for the password when it’s not in edit mode?

      This issue is not fixed and will be included in next release.

  2. hmmm the protection is great, because I have many additional custom fields with protection and some others are normal fields. So the protection is a must have. But taping the bottom bar is no so good thing. Better would it be to scroll down on the entry page ore to slide to a second page in the entry.

    BTW: can you please have a look at the problem with WebDav folders? I can’t add them with the new 3.2 version. I have send a error log to you via mail.

    • WebDAV issue is now fixed and will be included in next release. I plan to have 7Pass 3.3 without bug-fixes only, let’s see how quickly I can get it out.

  3. Looks good that your adding new features but do the Protected Fields need there own page? Or could you just add the additional fields as they were on that page to the bottom of the entry itself? Just a thought, that way you have all of the details for that entry on the same screen.

  4. I’d love to have the fields displayed in the same page with Entry details, by using Pivot (like groups page) or panorama (like password generation page). Problem is that doing so will make it very hard to use the edit textboxes. When textboxes are placed inside Pivots or Panoramas, the action of swipe on them get confused, sometimes you’re trying to swipe the page to the fields area, sometimes you’re trying to select the text in the textbox.

    There are some controls that provides the option to lock the page swipe once the textboxes are in edit mode, but I tested and found some nasty bugs that I decided not to do so.

    Therefore, using the Application Bar menu was my option so that user can see fields without having to scroll to the bottom.

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