7Pass 3.3 Beta released

Hi Beta testers,

If you’ve signed up for the beta program, you will receive an email from the MarketPlace within the next 3 hours, with descriptions on how to install 7Pass 3.3 beta on your phone.


Link to download the beta: zune://navigate/?appid=952b8d43-8d6a-40e1-8df0-98429d059477.

In case you’ve not received any email from the MarketPlace but you’re sure that you’ve signed up for the beta, please try installing using that link. Your live ID has to be the email your signed up for the beta.

Please also note that I’m not accepting new beta testers for the 3.3 Beta. You can still sign up if you’ve not done so for the next beta.

Happy testing.


17 thoughts on “7Pass 3.3 Beta released

  1. Jamison says:

    I don’t know what you did, but I was unaware of a beta program. I have the Mango version of WP7 and I tried to open 7Pass with my master password this morning and it almost bricked my phone. I’m thinking of unistalling it. It froze everything and finally after I restarted my phone, it kept restarting on it’s own for almost 10 minutes… I think ithere’s a problem with you program that has caused other problems with my phone. I had absolutely no issues until I tried to open 7pass this morning (10/25/11) and when I finally began to google my problems, I found out that this “beta” was pushed on (10/24/11). You need to get back to the drawing board with this one.

    • Hi Jamison,

      I’m sorry that you had a bad experience with 7Pass. If you have not signed up for the beta program, the beta version will not affect your normal 7Pass usage. In case you’ve signed up for the beta, then the beta version will be installed separately from the official 7Pass (paid) and 7Pass Free versions.

      After you restart your phone, 7Pass should not be starting up, because the OS doesn’t allow (or provide any way) any app to do so. I’d suggest that you contact your phone manufacturer (or telco depending on where you purchased your unit) for help as the symptoms you’ve provided seems to indicate some issue with the OS itself.

      If your phone is working correctly, then the standard applied by OS is that no matter which app you’re in, when you tap on the home button, that app has only maximum 5 seconds to close itself, or it will be terminated by the OS. If this doesn’t apply to your phone, you phone may be malfunctioning.


  2. Tan Teng Heng says:

    Nice update. Now I can change back to my light theme ;-).
    Noticed that version number in beta is showing 3.2. You might want to change this in future beta versions. If it is possible, the app name should also be different from the paid or free version. Really appreciate your constant updates, so I had purchased the paid version a few weeks back. Lastly, hope that you can make the app more colorful with colored fonts and backgrounds.

  3. Hi mate, everytime I install the beta app it says its version 3.2 in the about screen and I don’t see the SkyDrive feature.

    Am I missing something?

  4. Hello,

    i install your app and it looks clean and esay to use and with the skydrive sync coming it’s gonna be great. But…

    I’m a windows and mac user. I sync my passwords using a .kdb database. It’s not compatible with your app. Could you please make it compatible?

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Gerwin,

      German translation is not available yet. The translation process in Windows Phone is more complicated than expected. I understand that German translation is crucial as German is the second largest user base of 7Pass (after the US). I hope that you’ll continue to support 7Pass and I’ll be able to have German language for 7Pass soon.


  5. tias4 says:

    Hello, when is the new version 3.3 of 7Pass appears in Marktplöatz. At the moment I can not use my purchased version 3.2 on the WP, because she has a buck with the WebDav. An information I would be very happy.
    Greetings, Tias4

    • Hi Tias4,

      The second beta with the fix for WebDAV (which the first beta is supposed to already fix) will be out soon. If everything’s fine, then 3.3 will be released very soon (within 1 week).


  6. From where i get this application in windows phone? I am very much excited to download this application in my windows phone and want to exploring more so please respond back with proper way. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information!

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