7Pass 3.3 Beta 2 released

Hi Beta testers,

Sorry for screwing the first beta version. I’ll be honest that I have no clue which build I uploaded for the first beta. I learned a lesson from that, and now have proper build automation in place (I shouldn’t have thought 7Pass is too simple for build automation).

Anyway, changes included in this second beta:

  • Confirmed WebDAV bug is fixed.
  • Fixed global password challenge not displayed when user switching back to 7Pass.
  • Changes to database synchronization code to make it easier for SkyDrive support.
  • And certainly changes in the first beta.
If you’ve registered for the beta program, you should receive an email soon with link to install the beta 2 on your phone.
Please note:
  • If you register for the beta program now, while reading this post, you’re probably too late for the beta 2. However, you’ll be included in later betas.
  • You’ll have to use the email you’ve signed up for the beta as your Live ID in order to be able to see the beta 2 in MarketPlace.
Alternatively, you can also download the .xap file from GitHub.

3 thoughts on “7Pass 3.3 Beta 2 released

  1. Tan Teng Heng says:

    There’s an error message “805a0194” which is preventing me from installing. I tried rebooting my HD7 and even uninstalling the previous beta but still had the same error.

  2. Tan Teng Heng says:

    Downloaded from Github and was able to install. Tried global password challenge and it works. Btw, since there is multiple way of storing e.g. File, what happens if there are of same name? Will it overdue each other? The purpose is I want th same e.g. Saved in dropbox and skydrive.

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