7Pass 3.3 released

7Pass 3.3 is now available on MarketPlace globally, with these changes:

  • Fixed WebDAV bug.
  • Fixed global pass not displayed on app switch.
  • Added field editing and asterisks support.
  • Fixed protected field textbox display in light theme.

This is the same version as 7Pass 3.3 Beta 2. Thanks again to beta testers for trying out our beta. The beta version will soon be retired.

Plan for next 7Pass version:

  • SkyDrive support. I know, it supposed to be in this release, but my progress was not as expected, and partially because the Live Connect SDK that SkyDrive support depends on is not allowed to be used for production yet.
  • German localization, which is also supposed to be in 3.3. I’ll try my best to have this in next version.
  • Attachment view (text file and image). I’m not sure if I can support PDF and MS Office files. PDF will definately has an issue with security due to the Adobe PDF ready on WP7 will save the document in its cache, which can be seen again by launching Adobe PDF Viewer directly.


I can confirm that the 7Pass Trial/Paid version is being wrongly named 7Pass Free. I’m sorry about this mistake. Even though the name is incorrect, it will work just right. Unfortunately, an fix for this naming issue will take sometime as the AppHub is pretty slow to process submissions at the moment (understandable: it’s holiday time in the US).


5 thoughts on “7Pass 3.3 released

  1. Kalvin says:

    Love the new version!

    One suggestion for an upcoming version: Since many entries have data in the fields other than the username and password, could there be a button to view/edit fields rather than having the touch the “…”. Or, even simpler, include all the fields on the main entry screen, so that all we have to do is scroll down.

    Also, any chance of a “lock timer” to lock 7Pass after X minutes and require the DB password to continue?



  2. I just got me the paid version to support you. Thanks for implementing skydrive so soon, dropbox days are numbered. Now just promise me that the app won’t read passwords and send them to you 😉

  3. chris m says:

    doesn’t work, when try open my database on dropbox 7pass does not recognise my password. Probably it does not support keyfile yet.

  4. berhav says:

    Did get the free version from windows marketplace via Zune. It schould be installed but nothing to see on my windows 7 phone. tryd both versions but none is showing up on my phone.
    Any idee why not?

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