7Pass 3.4 Beta sent

Hi Beta testers,

7Pass 3.4 Beta installation link has been sent to all subscribers of the Beta Program.

This beta features SkyDrive support with full synchronization capability.

This version, and probably next 7Pass release, will have some small issue:

  • Case: you made changes to your local database and synchronize it. Your database on SkyDrive doesn’t have not changed since last synchronization,
  • What will happen: your local database will be uploaded to your SkyDrive.
  • Restriction: SkyDrive limits file type of the uploaded file to certain support extensions only, which naturally doesn’t include kdbx.
  • Work-around: your database will first be uploaded with the extension of .doc, then renamed to the correct .kdbx extension.
  • Issue: You may sometime see a file with .doc extension (ex: Passwords.kdbx.doc) in case the synchronization fail. You can certainly delete it or it will be deleted next time your database is synchronized.

You can also download the Beta .xap file from:


Update 24th December:

I was able to confirm that databases from SkyDrive cannot support .kdbx extension. SkyDrive not only not allow uploading of kdbx files, but all also disallow renaming of files to kdbx, which is the workaround I used. They even didn’t politely says that it’s restricted, just a simple rename success message with…. the old name. So, the “workaround” is to use .doc as the extension for your database, meaning you’ll have to use something like Passwords.doc instead of Passwords.kdbx. I know this is a huge blow to SkyDrive support, but it’s beyond my control.

Happy holiday and Merry Christmas to you all. Let’s hope that it’ll be better next year.


8 thoughts on “7Pass 3.4 Beta sent

    • All those who subscribed to the Beta Program should have received an email by now with details to install 7Pass Beta from the MarketPlace. If you’ve not subscribed, I think it’s too late. You may subscribe now so that you’ll be included in next beta.

  1. Jeremy says:

    Any chance this could be a workaround for Sky Drive support? Instead of changing the database to .doc and syncing it with the documents section is there any way to sync to the synced storage section? Because I used to use the synced storage section to sync my database and homework between my desktop, laptop, and net book.

  2. Bill says:

    When I add a kdbx file from Skydrive, I am able to perform synchronizations for a while, but after a period of time (less than an hour, I think) 7pass is no longer able to connect to Skydrive to synchronize. I assume the connection just times out, but I don’t get the option to re-sign in. I have to delete file from 7pass and then download a new copy of the kdbx file from Skydrive (at which point I can sign in). Hope you can fix. I love the program.

  3. andy says:

    first of all! I love 7pass very much,but now I have a issue.when I sync my database to skydrive,it’s always failed.it’s prompt:”Updating of database XXXX failed:Error downloading your database.Please make sure that the url is correct.”
    I use the internet with zune or 3G,but all failed. could you help me?

  4. SkyDrive synchronization issue has been fixed. I used the wrong authorization routine, which gave 7Pass only about 1 hour to synchronize the database.

    The new synchronization code will use application authorization, which allow 7Pass to synchronize your database until you decide to deny it.

  5. Hi, I just recently moved over from Android and was happy that you had an app for KeePass. I was also happy because I assumed that I’d be able to use SkyDrive. I know right now only the beta 3.4 version supports it but I just signed up for the beta program today. Is there any way that I can still get 3.4 in order to utilize SkyDrive? If not, is there a way to sync with a ftp server to get my database? Thanks!

  6. megurushi says:

    Hi 7Pass, great app thanks. Just purchased it to keep the dev going. Also signed up for the beta. Could you send me a link to install via market. My phone is locked unfortunately, working on that… HTC 7 Mozart, if anyone has tips on unlocking?

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