7Pass 3.4 released

Good news! 7Pass is now published to all markets.

What’s new

SkyDrive support with full synchronization capability. The limitation of file extension still apply. 7Pass will help you rename the extension so you don’t have to.

  • New DropBox authentication method, so that you don’t have to provide your credentials to 7Pass. The new authentication mode allows you to authenticate against DropBox itself, instead of 7Pass.
  • Localization to several languages.

What’s next

7Pass has changed significantly from the view-only 7Pass 1.0. It’s amazing to look back at 7Pass 1.0 and see how far 7Pass has gone. With SkyDrive support, the synchronization sources for 7Pass can now satisfy most users. It’s now the time for me to focus more on the user interface and performance of 7Pass.

7Pass’ user interface is definitely not too friendly. I admire the UI of Skype, Bird Song and Facebook (even though I doesn’t use it myself) apps. I’ve also heard about the amazing UI of 4th & Major, but didn’t have chance to try it out. I have lots of idea in mind, but didn’t have the chance to really try out.

As a heavy 7Pass user myself, I found 7Pass still too slow, even in case I’ve saved my password and pinned the database to my home screen for quick access. I wanted it to be blazingly fast, able to give me my password as fast as possible. Database modification is very nice, but I rarely use it, and the usage statistic confirms it.

Database modification usage count is less than 1% of the times a database is opened. Entry viewing and Search are obviously the most used features. However, to view an entry, I currently have to:

  • Open the database using the pinned tile on home screen.
  • Tap on Search button.
  • Type some characters (mostly 3).
  • Tap the first entry if found, or tap the enter key to hide the keyboard and tap the results.

So, as you’d have guessed, the next version of 7Pass will be 4.0. It should have a better UI, faster performance, and technically, has unit tests. I can’t promise that every goal I set will be met, but I’ll try my best.

While 7Pass 4.0 is in development, I plan to have another release of 7Pass to integrate to more refined translations of 7Pass. Thank you guys, it is amazing how supportive you all are on the translation of 7Pass.

By the way, I’d also want to say sorry to those who expected my reply but did not received. My full day work is quite busy. If I have not replied you, please kick my ass by sending a reminder so that I’ll remember to reply you

You all are amazing. 7Pass would not be possible without your support.

7Pass 3.4 marketplaces

  • Australia
  • China
  • Hong Kong SAR
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • United States

18 thoughts on “7Pass 3.4 released

  1. Michael Emminger says:

    Sync to Skydrive doesn´t work.
    After adding a new database it works for about 1 hour and after 1 hour “can not upload” – “check URL”.

  2. Hello Michael, check if there is a file “yourdatabase.doc” on SkyDrive. At this time, there are some limitations in SkyDrive API from Microsoft. So, only some filetypes are allowed with the current SDK. 7Pass try’s a little workaround, it saves your database as a wordfile (only the extension is changed) and renames it afterwards to kdbx. Sometimes this workaround fails. Then you should have a “yourdatabase.doc” on the SkyDrive Folder. I dont knmow, if you can manualy rename it with the free SkyDrive App from Microsoft.

    • Michael Emminger says:

      I have a database.kdbx.doc file – i can rename it database.kdbx but sync is not possible – “check url”

    • andy says:

      Hello machael, as you advise:changed the doc file to kdbx file in skydrive by PC, but if I have do some new entrys in my phone,they are all lost,because they can’t syn with the skydrive kdbx file

      • andy says:

        now I give some advise:if you need to add new entrys in your phone,just delete your exist kdbx file,and download your kdbx file from skydrive at once,then add your new entrys ,immediately syn it with your skydrive. Notice: all process complete in 1 hour.

  3. Hello Van,

    thanks for the new version. If i have some time this week, i can do some suggestions for a new UI. The best idea in my mind: when you could use the search functionality from the Phone itself. But i think, this isnt possible. From the startsrceen of the Phone (or somewhere else), tap the hardware search button. then you are at bing search. instead of searching only in bing, it could be useful to search also in 7Pass, Contacts, Calnedar and so on. But i fear, that the internal structure of WIndows Phone dont allow this.

  4. Hallo Michael Emminger,

    kannst du deutsch? Dann versuch ich’s mal so:

    Derzeit gibt die SkyDrive API von Microsoft leider nicht wirklich was her. Das Handling wurde auf die bekannten Office Dateitypen beschränkt. Mit einem workaround, kann man natürlich dennoch eigene Filetypes nutzen. Das macht auch 7Pass so. Es läd die Files mit der Dateiendung *.doc hoch und benennt diese dann wieder um. Bricht die Verbindung aber ab, kann der letzte Schritt auch in die Hose gehen. Als Resultat, hast du dann die Datenbankname.kdbx.doc Datei auf SkyDrive liegen. Der Sync funktioniert dann mit dieser Datei, welche freilich KeePass Desktop soweit ich weiß nicht akzeptiert.

    Als Lösung benennst du die Datei wieder nach *.kdbx um. Nun ist aber der Sync Link in 7Pass defekt (der verweißt ja noch auf die *.kdbx.doc). Also musst du in 7Pass die Datei nach der Umbenennung auf SkyDrive löschen und die auf SkyDrive umbenannte *.kdbx neu herunterladen.

    Solange die API keine anderen Dateitypen unterstützt, leider der einzige Weg.

    • Michael Emminger says:


      na dann hab ich dich schon richtig verstanden.
      Wenn ich meine *.kdbx nach 7pass hochladen möchte, wird sie automatisch in *kdbx.doc umbenannt und dies wird auch nicht mehr rückgängig gemacht.
      ein sync mit dieser *kdbx.doc und 7pass funktioniert zwar einige Zeit aber nach ca. 1 Stunde oder so gehts dann nicht mehr. Keine Ahnung an was das liegt!ich glaube, dass das Programm da noch einen kleinen Fehler hat.
      Trotzdem toll dass man jetzt Skydrive verwenden kann auf Sync werde ich halt noch verzichten.

  5. Sebastien says:


    and first good job, I have only one little problem, I thinks it’s a compatibility problem.
    I explain, I open and modify my database with keypass V2.18, I synchronise with my DropBox and after I synchronise with 7pass. I can open it and modify, all it’s ok.
    I modify on my Windows phone with 7pass and when I want to synchronise with my DropBox I have an error of conflict with the database. The database is saved with a new name on the DropBox.
    I don’t hundrestand what is the problem.

  6. Hi,
    first: hanks for this app!
    For me, Skydrive sync works fine, but Dropbox doesn’t. When I try to go to dropbox to retreive my keepass file, all I get is a 404 from dropbox.

  7. Hi,

    I’ve been using 7Pass for almost a year now and generally like it. Dropbox synch works well for me.
    One feature I’d like to see is having the open password file auto-lock if the phone is locked and then unlocked. I don’t like how the phone unlocks to whatever entry I was viewing.
    Also, a way to easily close the password file and drop back to the initial screen would be nice. Otherwise I find myself hitting the back button a bunch of time to get to a safe place before switching to another app.

  8. Just tried 7pass today, and it’s working great, including syncing the database from Dropbox. Very nice!

    Now that you are turning your attention to the UI, I was wondering if you considered changing the tile to a transparent background, so it would allow the theme color to show instead of black? Also shouldn’t the page titles be lowercase to be consistent with other apps?

    Anyways I am pleased to have access to my passwords again on my new phone and I’m looking forward to future updates.

  9. Dropbox doesn’t work for me. I have version When I select “Add database” > “Dropbox”, login, then select the file keepassx.kdb, it says

    “Invalid file signature detected. The specified file is not a KeePass 2.x database.”

    I have no problem using this file on Linux and Windows clients

  10. Muzz says:

    Good app, keep up the good work! One question though.

    On trying to set up skydrive sync, why does 7pass.wordpress.com need access to my skydrive and to be able to access it any time?

    Surely the connection is between the 7pass app on my phone and my skydrive, not via a 3rd party website?

  11. I’ve been happily using it for months now. I didn’t realize that I was continuing to use the “free” version. Sorry. I registered today. Excellent product! Thanks for programming it!

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