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It’s been sometime that this blog was not updated. I really appreciate that feedback has been very strong even in these uncertain moments.

I’ve received lots of feedback and ideas, suggestions for the next version of 7Pass. I’m not going to abandon 7Pass, it’s just not the moment yet for the next version:

  • Windows Store application (for Windows 8): KeePass 2.x is working exceptionally well with Windows 8 on Intel CPU, so I don’t see any reason to port 7Pass to Windows Store yet. Unless Windows RT is final and comes up with some reason that KeePass 2.x cannot be used on it, then I’ll consider porting 7Pass to Windows Store.
  • Windows Phone:
    • Current 7Pass has reached its limitation, which adding new features and fixing issues has became tedious.
    • Windows Phone 7: There will definitely the next version for Windows Phone 7 Mango users, which I am one myself.
    • Windows Phone 8: SDK information has been very limited. It’s not a good time for a new version of 7Pass at the moment. The framework is supposed to be easier to develop. SkyDrive seems to no longer restrict file extensions.
    • I would want to wait and see how the Windows Phone 8 turns out to be. Let’s see how Clipboard handling, browser sand-boxing, SkyDrive integration, task parallel suport, etc… There are lots of things I’d want to see before deciding which approach should I do for 7Pass vNext.

I hope the Windows Phone 8 will be available soon, and look forward another amazing trip with Windows Phone development.

Thank you all again for constantly remind me that you care. You are all amazing.


38 thoughts on “7Pass planning

  1. mikeg says:

    I’m still using an old Windows Mobile Phone, holiding out for one of the new Phone 8 models, so I haven’t gotten to try your app. But, I have been using Windows 8 RTM for a couple of months.

    You mention KeePass in the Windows 8 store, but I can’t find it. Am I misunderstanding you or is it not published yet.


    • Hi mikeg,

      KeePass is available for Windows 8 desktop, not Windows Store. If you’re using Windows 8 RT (such as Surface RT), it’s not available.

  2. Jeff says:

    Many thanks for your work on 7Pass thus far. I’ve had my eye on it for a while, but haven’t started using it yet (mostly due to taking my sweet time to get my .kdbx file moved over to my SkyDrive). I went to use it last week and was asked to rename the file. Given that SkyDrive has removed the file extension restrictions, will you at least consider releasing an update that removes the file rename? While I realize I can use KeePass with the .doc extension, I’d prefer to keep the .kdbx extension so I can seamlessly work with my password files with the KeePass file association across various machines.

    Once 7Pass is working seamlessly with my other machines using KeePass, I’ll be happy to buy the paid version.

    Thank you,

  3. Peter Saints says:

    7Pass comes to be a “must have” app in my WP7.5. Tried Skydrive integration but the extension limitation forced me to use Dropbox. If only there was any advantage in using Skydrive – better WP integration with OS for example.
    Keep up the good work and I hope to have a WP8 with 8Pass on it 🙂

  4. Andrew Massey says:

    I’m now having issues with *.kdbx.doc files NOT being recognised in SkyDrive and therefore not being uploaded!

  5. James C King says:

    I just wanted to add my support to your work here, I find Keepass to be an important part of day to day life and 7pass goes hand in hand with it. Thanks again!

  6. Fredrik says:

    Please update the WP app so it no longer forces you to append .doc on databases stored in SkyDrive (KeePass .kdbx in my case). Keep up the great work!

  7. David Jenkinson says:

    Will there 2 factor authorization support in the next version? I use password+keyfile, and I can’t seem to use this app as a result. Thanks

    • Hi Francesco,

      Free/trial version will display a toast that you’re using Free/trial version for exactly 5 times. Paid version is there as a convenient way for you to say “7Pass is good”, not preventing you from enjoying it.

  8. f.aa says:

    Any chance the next version of 7Pass will be out soon? I’m trying out the trial version right now and it’s pretty nice, but I’d really like for the file extension renaming to go away. Even if that was the only new feature in an update, I’d be very happy.

    At $0.99 this app is a steal.

  9. RodS says:

    Set up 7Pass on my brand new Lumia 822 from Verizon. Took a bit of time (30 minutes or so) to get SkyDrive set up, but once I had done that the program is syncing great. I did change the location/name of my database in the desktop KeePass, so now I should be good to go. Just need to find a SkyDrive client for my Kindle Fire and all my devices will be in sync!

  10. tryingET says:

    I am looking for a keepass platform for my wp8.
    From this topic I am not sure, wheter it is running under WP8 or not. Can you clarify that? And maybe post a timeline for a release?

  11. Andrew Massey says:

    There’s now a KeePass app for Windows RT (search for MetroPass). It only recognises the .kdbx extension, so I now have a situation where I have to duplicate the .kdbx.doc database as .kdbx – not an ideal situation.

    I too am interested in the release/update timeline. I love 7pass: it’s the first app installed on my new/reset WP7; it’s kept me sane…until now 😉

    Please do NOT let it die.

  12. WP7User says:

    One thing is missing: Could you integrate it to show the Notes when entering the URL (on the bottom). Also the Notes font is too loose. Maybe smaller font or different font like Arial Narrow if possible?
    And btw. I have WP7.5.

  13. Yigit says:

    I am in the same situation with Andrew. I have a Surface RT, and I am using the Metropass app (which as far as I know, the only app that works with Keepass on WinRT).
    I am keeping my database file on SkyDrive. MetroPass only recognizes the .kdbx extension. And 7pass will always rename the database file to a .doc extension. So I can’t have a single database file that works on both devices.

    It would be really great if you can modify 7pass to work with .kdbx files on Skydrive.

    But in any case thank you for this great app.

  14. Tari says:


    thank you for this app. Really well done!

    But i have a small problem. I have a kdbx-file Stored on a Webserver (with ssh) and required Authetication. Download works well and the File Opens with 7pass – all Entries readable.
    When i click on Update on the Database-File, the Download starts and a down-arrow is displayed. After that the Database-File is corrupt – not useable.
    When i renew the Database-Entry (delete, create new one, same URL) – the Database works until the next Update. Have you any Idea?

  15. John G. says:

    Thanks too for all the great work and a great program i use daily !

    Any news on the 7Pass version 4 release date ?


  16. Andrew Massey says:

    MetroPass has now added support for .kdbx.doc files.

    Still would like to see 8Pass though 🙂

  17. Grant says:

    Love 7Pass, use it all the time. The only things that I would like are; Remove the .docx extension requirement on Skydrive as It don’t seem to need it any more and get 7Pass to auto sync with Skydrive at start-up and shutdown. It took me a long time to figure out that it wasn’t doing this.

    Keep up the good work.

    • David says:

      Agreed, “eagerly waiting for the WP8 version and the .docx removal… 🙂 Keep up the great work!”

      From what I can tell you are the only one supporting SkyDrive, very nice.

  18. Van says:

    Can’t wait for a version for WP8 (8Pass?) 😉
    And with the possibility to use Skydrive well …
    FYI, I currently use 7Pass on my Nokia Lumia 920.

    Thank you in advance !!

  19. Love the app. I’d like to see features to:

    * ignore entries in backup folder in searches

    * setting to auto-sync with SkyDrive in startup

    * rewording of sync conflict error message. I’m never sure what it means…


  20. Hey there,
    still waiting for an update, because 7Pass has a big problem with an KDBX-File. I don’t know if it depends on “be modifyed by MetroPass” but that shouldn’t be the fact.

    -Windows 8 with MetroPass to manage the over-100-entry password DB.
    -WindowsPhone 7.8 for having this over-100-entry password DB everytime in my hand

    Would be nice if you give some Feedback 🙂

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