7Pass Remake Alpha

I’m glad to let you know that the first preview of 7Pass Remake is now available for download from the Windows Phone Store. Those having subscribed to the Beta program will receive an email soon, with the same content as below. Just in case any Beta participant not receiving the email, you can also install using the link: http://bit.ly/7passremake. Please note that this link will only work for those joined at Beta program before today. Those missing this preview can also subscribe to be included in next preview.


Preview version notes

  • This version cannot save changes yet. Even though the UI shows that you can change the database, there’s no place in this version to save your database yet.
  • This version does not lock your database automatically.
  • This version will be removed when the next preview/final version is released.
  • Please do not use it for important data.

What’s implemented

  • New user interface.
  • Add database from any location: SD card, OneDrive, or other apps that provides file picking service.
  • Tap on database’s icon to perform actions: clear cached encryption key, delete.
    Easy to use password generator.
  • Better UI for using a keyfile.
  • Filter app bar button to quickly search for entries. Also reveal option to show only entry or groups.
  • Quick password reveal: slide entry’s title to the right to quickly view password.
    Supports referenced fields.
  • Share app bar button to share title, username and password without revealing password.
    Better support for long entry notes.
  • Supports open and share attachments
  • Better fields support.

Experimental feature

  • Web browser
    • Can only try to fill in automatically at the moment. Buttons to fill in data do not work yet.
    • Independent browser: launch browser from groups list to browse to any site and 7Pass tries to automatically match the page’s title to an entry and automatically fill in username and password. However, this matching does not work as expected yet.

Missing features planned for final version

  • Auto lock database.
  • Create local database, from within the app.
  • Associate with KDBX file extension to quickly add databases from other sources.
  • Create new entry from password generator.

40 thoughts on “7Pass Remake Alpha

  1. Sackbauer says:

    Hi, as soon as I get the 8.1 update for my Lumia 920 you can count me as beta tester.
    Happy to pay again for your great piece of software, especially because I own a Surface 2 (RT), too.
    I guess as it will be a universal app it runs also on Windows RT 8.1?

    Is it now possible to use more than 6000 rounds for passwort transformation?

    • It’s WP only at the moment, but the core is shared, so Windows Store app is planned.

      High number of transformation will always be a problem as the phone is not that fast compared to a PC. However, WP provides a secure way to cache the transformed encryption key, so it could help.

      • tandeejay says:

        I’m sure it must be possible to tune the decryption algorithm. My old phone was a HTC Desire HD (android) and I had a keepass client on there that could decrypt my database with 14mil rounds for password transformation in about 60 seconds. Now that work has replaced my phone with a windows phone, ( HTC A620e) I had to find a new keepass app for my phone, and found this one, but it takes longer than half an hour to decrypt the same database. I can’t believe windows phone is that much less efficient than an android phone.

  2. Reimer FlΓΌgel says:

    Sorry, but I cannot choose any local DB (no menu item to choose from the list). I can choose a DB by WebDAV. It will load, but it won’t open (winkee will open it, 1,5 MB). I have installed the newest version installed from windowsphone-store today. What’s the matter? I have am lumia 630 with WP8.1 installed. Please help me!!!

  3. Alexander Petrusa says:

    Hi, Just moved to Windows phone, and I was looking to fins a way to port my KeePass database to the phone too. I downloaded your 7Pass Free version, and even if in this blog you have the option of opening a file from you phone, the only options available while adding a database are the online ones (Dropbox, Skydrive, Webdav etc).
    So, where is the option to open a file copied to your SD?


  4. Alexander Petrusa says:

    Oh… not to forget.
    Even on the Microsoft AppStore, the screenshots do show what I just sad in my previous mail.
    Which contrary to your statement in the 7Pass Remake Progress – shoving how to open a local DB…
    Not that I want to be picky, but it’s a great app, and if that option reappears, I would gladly invest some money to keep things moving forward…

    • Alex, 7Pass Remake is in alpha stage, meaning it’s not publicly available, you’re tailing about 7Pass, which is the publicly available version and does not have SD card support.

  5. John says:

    Hello. Just a small question: do you have an idea of your final release date ? I’m waiting for 7Pass to upgrade to a WP8 phone from my old WP7 because this is a crucial tool for me.
    I look forward to reading from you and will support you further for new versions of course !

    • MoWeb says:

      Why wait? I’ve been using 7Pass Free on my Lumia for a while now, and it seems rock solid. I’m now running Windows Phone 8.1 Update Developer Preview, with the Cyan update, and it still works a treat. Sure, you can’t copy passwords any more… but otherwise fine πŸ˜‰

  6. Just applied for membership on the beta list. I’m trailling the commercial version at the moment. Just switched from eWallet to KeepAss 2.

    Long standing beta tester of software, ex-MVP Windows Mobile, etc.

    [Mr Lichfield – long time no see]

  7. wibinable says:

    This is great! For some reason I can’t get 7Pass to work with webdav despite being able to browse it with a browser no problem. However, since the remake is on the works I’ll put it aside for the moment. I’m setting up keepass for a small company I help out and there are also a couple of windows phones that would love keepass access. Keep up the good work!

  8. Seikenshin says:

    If I buy the existing 7pass app, will that also mean I have bought the update? I would like to support you and I’d also like to get the future version too haha πŸ˜€

  9. I’m not holding my breath, development seems to have ceased on the main app or the beta 😦

    A pity as this seems to be the best app out there for KeePass on the WP platform.

      • I’ll second that – I found 7Pass and was very excited about it, but long for an update or even know it is still being supported. The non-beta I am using was last updated 16th June 2013, I’m still in trial mode as in my opinion an app that old with no updates appears to be dead.

        If I know it is being actively developed then I’d gladly purchase the app, and even purchase again for a beta version.

  10. Marcin says:

    I have been using 7pass for good couple of months on Lumia 1320 and never stumbled upon any issues so far.
    Can’t wait for update.

  11. Col. Sanders says:

    Please can this product come to full fruition for WP 8.1/10
    I too would gladly contribute financially to its completion.

  12. Steve Thomas says:

    With Windows 10 and Universal Apps just around the corner, it’s finally looking like WP will give iOS and Android some competition. It would be great if this app could be there in the initial onslaught.

  13. Srikanth says:

    I will be happy to pay for the app. However it would be better to know whether the developer even now cares for this and if he has any plans of updating the app.

  14. Bare says:

    Any word on progress? I use the app and love it. It works fine on W10M prerelease, at least for me on my Lumia 1520. But, I’d love to see the remake get finished. Or to be ported to a Universal App.

  15. Dariusz says:

    How to speed up database encryption?
    It takes approx 10 min now…
    Does it depend on any database settings?

    • Dariusz says:

      I checked it deeply

      Database with only 2 rounds of transformation key takes 6 min
      Database secured with 1,000,000 rounds of key transformations takes 6 min as well.

      What goes wrong?

      I use Microsoft Lumia 950 dual sim.

  16. Are you planning to support keyfiles (for unlocking database together with passphrase). The keyfile is in my documents folder (not network reachable).

    Also it would be good to actually allow towrite and read a keyfile from a NFC tag.

    Also it would be good to be able to lock the app with a short pin (keeping the database open in memory).

  17. Paul says:

    May I ask. Is this app still being worked on?
    Looking at this page, there is a lot of activity in the past, 2013, August 2014, 18 months ago and it seems to have died?
    Had this project been suspended may I ask?

    • Apple Brumble says:

      Looks like developer drifted away from from this app. I was hoping someone will take over but waiting so long left me no other option to look out for different solution. Additionally due to unexpected switch to Android based handset I lost interest in progress of this app temporarily. Despite above I wish developer good luck in the future.

      • Paul says:

        Indeed, it does seem like it, as a New windows Phone user (windows 10 mobile) I was looking for an alternative to eWallet, as they won’t make a proper windows version, and after much reading decided upon KeePass for my Desktop, and therefore needed “the best?” version for windows 10 mobile. This was talked about, but if I’m honest I don’t wish to install an app that’s dead in the water (if it is) shame, but perhaps the author, could spare a moment to offer a little new news, even if it’s to say no longer any development.
        for the time being I have gone with another app for KeePass use as it’s nice to use something that’s still being worked on.

      • Apple Brumble says:

        You are right. A short post about developers intention would very welcomes to solve the ‘mystery’. Maybe release of Windows 10 Mobile will change something

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