7Pass is a KeePass 2.x database (*.kdbx) reader for Windows Phone 7.
(As a reader, entries editing is not supported).


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  • Compatible with KeePass 2.x databases.
  • DropBox integration.
  • Web & WebDAV download with authentication (supports Box.net).
  • Supports keyfile and master password.
  • Multiple databases.
  • Supports custom fields, (protected & not protected).
  • Supports urls with embedded fields.
  • Supports group and entry icons (including custom icons).
  • Remembers your password*.
  • Remembers recently viewed entries for quick access.

Version 2.2

  • Added KeyFile support.
  • Display group/entry path in search result.
  • Larger field value display.
  • Moved Demo database to application bar for paid users.
  • Fixed DropBox login.

Version 2.1

  • Fixed fields not displayed.

Version 2.0

  • Rebuilt from ground up.
  • Added DropBox support.
  • Added links detection for web download.
  • Added web authentication support (experimental support for WebDav & Box.net).
  • Made trial mode notification very subtle.

Future plan

  • Add copy & paste support it is available.

If you don’t have a web server to download your database to your phone, you can use Java Mini Web Server from http://www.jibble.org/miniwebserver/, or any personal web server.

* Please only use this feature when your phone is already locked with a PIN. Doing so without a PIN lock will expose your passwords to anyone getting hold of your phone.


45 thoughts on “About

  1. Peter Pfahl says:

    Hello, i have bought the Program, and it is ok, but i have to Database Files (one for work, one private).

    There is no way, to use them together. It would be great if Multi Database Support would come soon!

    Thanks, Peter

  2. J.-O. says:

    Is a support for keyfile & password protected databases planned? When synchronizing the databases via cloud services (i.e. dropbox) I would like to use the extra security by a local keyfile which is manually copied to the devices.

    • Hi J.O,

      The support for keyfile to open the database is not so hard to implement, thanks to the open source nature of KeePass. However, it’s the UI to support that feature that is hard.
      I’ll consider support for keyfile in next version of 7Pass.

      In my mind, the support for keyfile will be:
      – Tap and hold the database name will have a new option: Download Keyfile.
      – The keyfile download will be similar to database download (DropBox + Web).

      I think the UI is simple, easy to use and fast enough.
      Please note that this is only my idea. I cannot guarantee that this feature will be available in next version of 7Pass, but I’ll try my best.

      Thank you for your idea.

      • SaVi says:

        Another +1 for Keyfile support, also you’re doing a great service for us all, thank you.

      • Deramin says:

        I would also like this. While I’m ok with syncing the database using dropbox, it is only because the key is not there. I would much rather sync that on my own, especially since it doesn’t change.

  3. Rob says:

    Regarding your proposed implementation of a Key File….downloading the Key File from Dropbox doesnt seem like a good idea. The whole idea of the Key File is to have it locally, and not in the same place as your database. Otherwise if someone got ahold of your database AND your key file they might be able to get access to the database. The Key File should come from a local place on the phone itself I think.

    This is a feature I would like as I use a Key File with my Keepass database.

    Thank You

    • Hi Rob,

      The keyfile is downloaded independently from the database. The database may come from DropBox and the keyfile from your web server with authentication. The keyfile download will be performed mostly once as the keyfile will be saved in your phone. User than can use an empty password if database is protected by keyfile only, or a password for a combination of keyfile and password. When you update your database, the keyfile doesn’t need to be downloaded again.

    • Hi Plo,

      Windows Phone SDK doesn’t support FTP or direct socket programming so I afraid SFTP is not supported.
      I highly recommend DropBox. If you would want additional security, use a keyfile in additional to the master password (but don’t upload the key file to DropBox).

  4. Crimblepud says:

    Stupid question, but what should a typical URL be for me to host the .kdbx file on my own server? Something like:
    When I do this I get a list of existing pages but no sign of my .kdbx file.
    Can you provide more help on how to download .kdbx files from your own server – thanks.

    • Hi Crimblepud,

      I’m not sure how you host your database file. Are you using SimpleWebServer.jar that I recommend? Please make sure that you can access your database using a web browser on your desktop. You can also try and 7Pass will try to parse links that leads to your database.

      • Crimblepud says:

        My Bad! It was late… sorry…
        Am hosting the.kdbx file on an ASP.NET web site running on IIS 7 on a Windows Vista Ultimate pc – had to add a MIME type entry using the IIS manager. Once I had done this, all worked fine.
        I used: “application/keypass” for want of a better choice.
        Looking good so far…

  5. Sebastian says:

    Support for SkyDrive would be great. If possible even with sync over Live Mesh Skydrive to have all changes to database automatically synced between PC, laptop and phone.

  6. A suggestion would be to add a simplified password to login to your database. I have a very long password and it works fine on my computer but on the phone i would like the option to store that password (encrypted) and the use a simple on the phone.

    This as you have the phone more personal and need a faster way to open up the db.

    The step between full password and no password is a bit steep 🙂

  7. Bernd says:

    Seams to be a nice start but…..

    who the heck wants “dropbox”?? – not a serious business because of security concerns. Same applies for “Box.Net”
    This is the reason for me to look for something else because i never would trust “dropbox” or “Box.Net”. This is the same shit as Apple has done and now it is coming to Windows. – What a shame.

    Implementation like Skydrive, Sharepoint is missing, what is in my opinion the most important.

    • Deramin says:

      Dropbox is intended for home users (and works great for that). Skydrive is intended for home users. Office 365 includes Sharepoint, since it is aimed at business. The next release of WP7 will support Office 365, and it sounds like they want to get it out by the end of the year. Home users are the first people to lay down money for a smart phone. Business users come later and usually spend less money on them in total than home users do. Welcome to corporate capitalism: chase the money.

  8. n3 says:


    yes it will be great if this app supports SkyDrive. It is a WP7 App and you need a Live Account, so everybody have SkyDrive. Please implement it.

    Another question is, that I use 2.220.160 rounds for the key transofrmation and it tooks really long to decrypt the database. What is a good number for the WP7?

    best regards,

    • SkyDrive support is always given very high priority. Problem is there is no official way to access the SkyDrive yet. Some get confused by the recent API published by Microsoft, which allow access to SkyDrive photos only, not files.

      I’ll definitely add SkyDrive as soon as an official API is available.

  9. dIbI says:

    I’m trying to open my pw-database (>10 character masterpassword with any kind of symbols, 1,000,000 key transform. rounds) from Dropbox, but 7Pass is showing “Loading” only.
    Before WP7 I used KeePass for Windows mobile 6.5, which needed some seconds to open, but 7Pass won’t do anything 😦
    What am I doing wrong?
    Best Regards

    • I’d suggest that you uses the default key transformation rounds value of 60,000. With the value of 1,000,000, it’s almost instantly for your desktop, but it’s not that fast for your phone. I’m sorry but the transformation that KeePass uses is not directly supported in Windows Phone SDK, so 7Pass had to perform additional tasks for every transformation round in order to be compatible with KeePass. This, together with the limited CPU on your phone, requires much longer to perform the 1,000,000 transformations.

    • Hi dlbl,

      I’m sorry that you had a bad experience with 7Pass. I’d suggest that you make sure the database that you downloaded to your phone is the updated database. There are cases that you reduce the transform rounds on your desktop, and let DropBox synchronize it, then download the database again, but when the download is performed, DropBox has not successfully synchronized your database yet.

      Just to be sure, may be you can delete the database from your phone, copy the database with 60,000 rounds database to another location, and download to your phone from that new location.

  10. emad says:

    I’ve downloaded the App but i’ve found some kind of a security bug, if you are exploring the database (opened a database) and hit the home button the app will pause and when you are back to the program the database is still open, if any one of your friends is playing with ur mobile he/she can see all the passes…….

  11. Rost says:


    Thanks for 7Pass!

    Are you planning to add support for KeePass 1.* database?
    Unfortunately, for Mac OS there is only one properly working KeePass app – KeePassX. And it is compatible only with KeePass 1.*

  12. Tracy says:

    I like the SkyDrive support, but the sync started to fail and ask to verify the url. How do I do that? Also, can I force upload the db to SkyDrive, even if there is not one? As I was trying to resolve the first issue, I thought deleting the file from SkyDrive would solve the issue. Guess not :-). Love the app despite the sync issue I am having.

    • Pieter Jan Hermans says:

      I use the app both on PC for work related passwords and on skydrive for personal stuff. I’ve used it before on Windows Mobile 6. Love it and thanks for that.

      I too have the problem that the initial download from skydrive works fine, and synch tests after that as well (in both directions), but then later (next day? Other wifi connection?) I cannot synch anymore and the app asks me to verify the url but I don’t know how to.
      As I cannot manually upload from phone to skydrive the only option I have is to manually make all changes I did on the phone again on a downloaded version of the skydrive copy (as the copy itself has a docx extension), delete from phone and re-setup the synch. Not very efficient.

      Do you know what’s causing the loss of url, or could you foresee a way to verify/correct the url?


  13. Randy Madden says:

    Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong: I’m using Dropbox. When I make a change to the database in Keepass (on one of my PCs), then sync the phone – no problem. But if I’m mobile, and make a change in 7Pass (on the phone), when I try to sync I get a message saying “Database out of sync.” , and I end up with two copies of the database. How do I get it to sync in both directions?


    • Hi Randy,

      You’re doing it right, 7Pass is simply not that good at synchronization yet. 7Pass 4 (currently in development) puts this as first priority and hopefully will be better at synchronizing your database.

      Thanks for your support.

  14. David Alderton says:

    Just a plug to add copy and paste. I’ve used KeePass for a very long time and thus use their generated passwords for many accounts. Most of these are nasty to type, especially on a phone.

    • Hi David,

      Copy and paste should already be available on 7Pass, it’s been so for quite a while. You can tap on the text boxes and all the text will be selected for you. You can then tap the copy button provided by the OS to copy the text.

      Alternatively, you can also use the built-in browser which provides the buttons in application bar to automatically type in username and password for you.

  15. Henning says:

    It would buy it your app immediately (espacially because your free app is really free and has no restrictions), but sadly it cannot open the example database (i.e. a new empty database) of the newest Keepass version, that I use – it shows the name of the database-file and an empty, black screen (besides the refresh button), whereas your example database does work (under Windows Phone 8).

    • Henning says:

      Ok, it was my mistake: I thought, you have to enter the full path of the database for WebDav access, but a directory was expected.
      Now it is working very well!
      The only thing which really could be improved, is the case where the database both on the smartphone and the server has changed: I understand that implementing the synchronization feature of keepass could be quite difficult on the mobile version, but it would be enough if I could sychronize the two versions on the desktop version. Sadly, your app changes the database-location permanently if a conflict was detected, so for a re-sychronization, you have to remove the database and add it again.

  16. I don’t really like that 7Pass remembers the password. How is it stored? It seems to have remembered the password for my container. How do I switch that of and make sure it will delete the remembered password?

      • Ah, ok… must have overlooked that before. I had accidentally enabled remember PW once, it seems…

        How about an option to display the password while entering it? I saw that on some WP apps (I’m new to this ecosystem). That would help with long and complicated PWs and KeePass has that option, too. 🙂

  17. Sleipne says:


    I love your app and I have sone ideas to make it better :
    1) on phone, I’m using a PIN instead of a complex password. Is it possible to only show keyboard with number in that condition?
    2) French translation could be better (some titles are too long to fit on windows phone screen), there is a way to send you other translation (mail?)


  18. I come from Saigon VN. I use Keepass and Windows Phone for few year. “Ơn trời” I’ve just found 7pass on Windows phone Store.

    Many Thanks Trần Ngọc Vân, If you were Saigon I will buy you a cup of coffe 🙂 (fb/trietsaigon)
    Proud of you!
    Minh Triet

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