7Pass is under different licenses:

  • 7Pass source code is under GNU General Public License, same as KeePass 2.x.
    7Pass makes use of portions of KeePass source code for database reading and writing.
  • 7Pass and 7Pass Free on MarketPlace is under commercial license.
If you’d want to use 7Pass source code for some other purpose, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
KeePass is copyright Dominik Reichl.

5 thoughts on “License

  1. carlo says:

    what differences between free and paid version? I installed free version actually, but I’m unable to perform searches. is there any limitation?

    • In Free and Trial version, 7Pass will display a toast message (just like when you receive an SMS) for the first 5 times 7Pass is started. The toast will not be displayed ever again, unless you remove 7Pass and install it again.

      Paid version will never has the toast.
      Other than the toast, Free, Trial and Paid all works the same way, no limitation whatsoever.

      • Kudos to you for your work and how you approached it: source code available, free version not being limited, support and answers. I just purchased the paid version just to say Thank you for all of these.

  2. Dietrich says:

    ich habe 7Pass gekauft. Angezeigt wird weiter die Demo-Version. Auch habe ich keine Möglichkeit gefunden das Demo-Passwort zu wechseln.
    Wenn Sie mir bitte mitteilen, was ich tun soll.

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