Got NoDo on my phone

I’ve successfully followed the tips from a XDA Developer forum’s thread.

I guess disconnecting the network connection in step 5 cut short the update rules retrieving, preventing any rules from excluding your phone from the update.

The update takes quite long, especially the update apply step which took quite some time.

So far, I have not noticed any significant change in application launch. Copy & paste works.

The real purpose I wanted on this update is to verify that 7Pass doesn’t suffer from the issue with placing a textbox in a Panorama.


7Pass keyboard tip

In 7Pass, you can use the Enter key (on screen keyboard or hardware key) to go to the next textbox/password or perform the default action.

For example, in the Web Download page, when you’ve complete entering the url, you can tap Enter, the Download button will be clicked on automatically.

For another example, in the DropBox Download page, when you’ve entered your email, tap Enter and the focus will be at the password box. Enter your password and tap Enter again to login.

Third example, in the Search page, when you’re entered the search conditions, you can tap Enter so that 7Pass will hide the keyboard so that you can see the results.

Please note that on Windows Phone 7, the on screen keyboard can always be hidden by tapping on the Back hardware button and the on screen keyboard will be hidden.