To install 7Pass, you can:

  • Download from Marketplace:
  • If you’re a Windows Phone developer and have an unlocked phone, you can:
    • Download XAP packages from GitHub.
    • Get the latest source code of 7Pass from GitHub, optionally add your own modification, then deploy to your phone using Visual Studio for Windows Phone.

21 thoughts on “Download

  1. Nana says:

    The “Download via Marketplace” link takes you to “Zune Software” and I’ve been unable to find a download of 7Pass. Any suggestions, please?

  2. Fleeb says:

    It’s not available globally. “Sorry, the item is not available in your requested location.” I cannot even find it in the market place. Can you please have a look? Thanks.

  3. Fredrik says:

    Download link should point to WP Marketplace and not Zune 😛 I reckon most people use Zune only to update their phone and nothing else…

    • Please wait for 7Pass 3.4, published to all available markets. You may want to subscribe to my blog to receive latest news of 7Pass releases.

  4. Tom says:

    Kann mir jemand helfen?
    Ich bekomme beim Synchronisieren immer die Fehlermeldung:
    Das Update von Datenbank XXXX ist fehlgeschlagen:
    Fehler beim Herunterladen der Datenbank.
    Bitte stell sicher, dass das URL korrekt ist

    * Wo kann ich das URL einstellen?
    * Wie kann ich den Sync wieder aktivieren?

    Danke für die Hilfe,

  5. Nico says:

    Wahrscheinlich hast du eine neue Version hochgeladen. Stell einfach sicher, dass die Datei in etwa dieses Format hat: “passwordsafename.kdb.doc” bzw kdbx.

    • Tom says:

      Der File im Dropbox-Verzeichnis heißt “Datenbank.kdbx”.
      Habe es auch versucht noch mit “Datenbank.kdbx.doc” bringt aber nix!
      Komisch ist, dass ich nicht’s geändert habe.

  6. Tony Fairclough says:

    Hello, I have downloaded 7pass version 3.6 to use on my windows phone 8. It keeps telling me that I have entered the wrong master key password to gain access to my keePass 2.0 database on my Skydrive. Can someone help as the password is correct

  7. Hi Tran Ngoc Van,

    First of, thanks a lot for this wonderful app…already saved my (mobile) life (and password-rage) a number of times.

    Using Skydrive (2-step authentication) in conjunction with 7Pass, I am faced with an issue when I have to (re)add the password-database and key-file. Due to the 2step verification, I need to go to the o-auth app and when I do this, the tool is locked and I need to re-authenticate my Skydrive session as well, which renders the o-auth key useless. The only work-around I have so far, is to be (very) fast, as I (think I) only have a 60 second time-window.

    Any suggestions and/or support would be appreciated!

    Keep up the good work

  8. Carlos Porto says:


    Just to let you know.
    When I activate two-factor authentication in my hotmail account 7pass stop synchronize the database and gives an error. Please take a look.

  9. Dietmar Weickert says:

    I know, I am probably coming late already, but is 7Pass available for Windows 10 Mobile as well? I can’t find it in the Microsoft Store…

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