7Pass has been received much better than I’ve thought.
To view reviews for 7Pass, please use the great Silverlight tool from Tom Verhoeff.

Q: Will 7Pass provide the feature to modify the database?

7Pass is a reader for KeePass 2.x databases, so the feature to save changes to the database is not a high priority feature right now. I will only consider adding the option to make changes once copy & paste is available for the OS. Without copy & paste, user will tend to use simple and short passwords so that they can type it again. That make me feel very irresponsible and unsecure.

Q: 7Pass cannot open my database, I entered the password then 7Pass flash for a second and show me the password entry page again.

I’m not sure why some users have this issue as I don’t collect usage & error information. In version 1.3, I’ve improved the Password page to tell user exactly what’s wrong:

  • It’ll let you know you’ve provided an incorrect password if the hash of your password is not the same as written in the database.
    Please note that KeePass can only open databases secured by the master password alone. If you have a database protected with Windows account or keyfile, or in combination other than master password alone, 7Pass will not be able to open you database.
  • It’ll let you know if the database is corrupted.
    Common causes of file corruption:
    • Connection to your server is disconnected/unstable.
    • The server is using a HTML page to redirect your browser to the file
  • If your password is correct and the file is valid, 7Pass will offer you the option to send me a error report via your email account. The email is careful crafted to not include any of your personal data (except your email address), but you can always modify the email if 7Pass accidentally include your information.

Q: I’ve downloaded the database and 7Pass shows me the Password page. How to download the database again?

Wherever possible, you can click on the “…” button at the bottom right corner to go to Settings page, where can you update your database file.



130 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Marco Cibis says:

    Hi there,

    even after the update I’m unable to use this application. Before I had the issue of opening the database. Now it tells me that the database has not the right format. I have been creating a sample db only protected with a password – gzip – thats it.
    Do you have any chnace to trace the error if I provide the link and database?

    Any help will be appreciated.

    • Hi Marco,

      Please provide me a link to download the database, and the password to open the database. I’ll compare 7Pass’ behavior with the desktop KeePass.

      Please remember to ensure that your personal information is not in the database, especially in entry’s history, which is saved automatically when you change the password.

      Thank you for your support.

    • chikowerokefas says:

      Hie Marco
      what is the standard password format compatible with 7pass?I forgot my password i want to reset my password.

  2. Francesco says:


    I’d like to remove the Demo Database since once purchased the app it is useless, is it possible in some way?

    Thanks for your reply.

    • Hi Francesco,

      The demo database has to be there for the MarketPlace testing process as well as trial usage.
      I’d suggest to make it the following way:
      – Paid mode: Demo database is moved to the Application Bar menu (shown after tapping on “…” button on the bottom right corner of the screen).
      – Trial mode: Demo database is displayed together with DropBox and Web as it is now.

      This way, the demo database is easily visible for testing as well as trial usage of 7Pass, while it’s not too annoying for paid users.

      What do you think about this idea?

      • Francesco says:

        Yes, I agree with your suggestion to move the Demo Database button, for paid users, to the Application Bar.

        Moreover, I’d want you to notice a couple of missing (or not properly working) features that I’ve tried:
        – Customised fields are not visible
        – The attachments (this could be restricted to jpg/pdf files) are not managed at all.

        Please, consider my comment as a proposal for further development to improve this application which I find really useful.

        Thanks for your availability.

  3. Leis says:

    My kdbx-file (generated with keepass 2.14) will not be akzepted. Reply “…it is not a 2.x-file” ?
    What do i wrong?

  4. Robert Hoskins says:

    I am not able to login to Dropbox through 7pass, I can login from the mobile browser and even Lindybox from my Samsung Focus. I also use the same information to login to the PC version of Dropbox. I have also uninstalled and re-installed 7pass, so far no luck. Using both WIFI and 3G give same results. Any help would be great, thanks.

    • I’m having the same problem. I setup a new dropbox account about an hour ago and put a test KeePass database in. Then I tried connecting with 7Pass but it keeps telling me that my credentials are incorrect.

  5. DropBox Login not working in trial mode?
    Says “DropBox Authentication You’ve specified an invalid e-mail or password..” But e-mail and password are typed in correct and working on the web. I tried it with a “simple” DropBox password (no special caracters) like 12345678 but same problem. I restarted WP7 – same problem. What to do?

    Samsung Omnia 7 | 7Pass loaded from german Marketplace 2011/01/27
    I appreciete your help!
    Best regards, O.Thost

  6. Scott Ferguson says:

    App looks great, thanks.
    Any chance of upgrading it to support key files in conjunction with master password?

    • Hi Scott,

      Keyfile can always be used together with a master password. When you specify a keyfile, 7Pass allows you to bypass the master password by accepting empty master password. If your database uses a master password together with your keyfile, just input your master password and it will works just fine.

  7. hj7phone says:

    Hi Sebastian,

    I use your current version and the windows kepass version 2.15 together with dropbox. However, on my computer the kepass file works great and when I upload it do dropbox I get this “invalid signature error”.

    Are there any known problems?

    Thnaks for your help


  8. Tim van der Weijde says:


    I have the same problem as hj7phone. I did install the NoDo update.

    “I use your current version and the windows kepass version 2.15 together with dropbox. However, on my computer the kepass file works great and when I upload it do dropbox I get this “invalid signature error”.”

    Please help!

    Cheers, Tim

  9. Michael says:

    Hi there.

    I found a problem with the “key transformation rounds” (File -> Database Settings -> Security). With a new database I always use the Option “1 second delay”.
    So I get up to 20-30 million rounds. Now I tried ur app with dropboxsupport.
    It´s a very nice app, but it was not possible to open my database. I tried several things, and now I found the problem. With the standard of 6000 rounds, the Database get opened, with a few millions of rounds, this is not possible. I think, this is due the limitations of the hardware plattform, but best to known for ur users 🙂
    THX for that nice app.

  10. Edmund Sackbauer says:

    Hi there, what happens if I need to open the Keepass kdbx file but have no network connection at all?
    Is a local copy stored and used?

  11. Michael says:

    yes, u need a single network connection to donwload or update the database and if u have downloaded, the database will stored on your mobilephone.

    • Hi Michael,

      Do you mean that you attach the TAN list as an attachment to the entry? I will consider the option to open attachments in the future. But please put up with me at the moment as I’m working on providing database modification.

      Thanks for your suggestion.

      • Michael says:

        Hi there!

        Yes, I attach my TAN lists as attachement (JPG) to the entry. In the desktop version of keypass, is a special picture viewer, maybe for 7pass you can link that attachement to the wp7 phone pictureviewer.

        THX for your nice work.



  12. It would be nice if there were a button we could tap to automatically copy the password to the clipboard. If you have a password with symbols in it, it’s impossible to change the copy selection to include the entire password–when swiping left or right it always scrolls the page left/right instead of changing the selection.

    • In the next version, 7Pass will automatically select all when you tap on the username/password box, which can you then just tap on the copy button.

      It’s not possible to implement as a button as the OS doesn’t provide direct access to the clipboard.

  13. Kykdidge says:

    I’d like to request the ability to add/edit passwords. I understand your reasons listed in the FAQ, but a) copy/paste is now part of the OS, and b) some folks (ie, me) use the phone as a portable vault to carry around passwords that are used on a desktop. For example, I have several PCs at home and work that cannot be synced. If I create a password while on my work PC I can either write it down on a sheet of paper and enter it into keepass at home, b) enter it into keepass on my phone (please!), or c) store it to some cloud password storage. My preference is to have it on the phone as a reference list.

    • Hi Kykdidge,

      Please be assured that your voice is heard. I’m currently working hard on 7Pass 3.0, which will provide database modification. You may want to view the homepage for updates of my progress on the new version.


  14. There is a Version 3 Preview 6. Its a preview for the upcoming version. With this you can Add/edit/delete Entrys and Groups. Also a Passwort Generator like the Desktop Version is included. Currently DropBox Sync is not working because of a change in the used API. But this will be fixed fast by the author. If you have a developer unlocked device, you can try it. It works like a charm. i have written a german Preview about it today under http://www.pfohlnet.de/2011/06/24/7pass-3-preview/ .

    I hope the author can release the final version soon.

  15. Mark_B says:

    I really like my W7 phone and recently discovered Keypass. So, naturally I REALLY want to understand and use 7Pass.

    However, could someone-anyone please point me to ANY documentation about how to install, configure and use this application???

    This app should have very broad apeal to WP7 users in the years ahead but PLEASE include some setup documentation for the legions of us n00bs! Thank you!

  16. Minty says:

    Thanks for a great app. I have been using it and found it the pefect solution to keeping passwords safe.

    However, having upgraded to v3.0, I am not now able to synchronize my kdbx database. The option “synchronize/update all” is there but greyed out so can’t be ‘clicked’.

  17. Mike says:

    Am I missing something or is it not possible to create a new blank db on the phone or do you have to download the db from a server? I’d really just like to use the app on my phone.

    • 7Pass was designed to be a compliment to KeePass, therefore, you’ll need KeePass on desktop to create a new database.
      However, the idea of creating a blank database using 7Pass is interesting, I’ll consider adding that.

  18. emad says:

    Thanks for the app, I’ve got twoissue, when i am navigating through my database and for example I’ve open an entry and my password is shown using Mango u can hold and press the back button to go into multitasking and that will hold a screenshot of my password ouch!!

    and another thing when you are back to the application after being paused for example my brother wants to play a game on the phone and if he pressed the back button he’s back to the database and able to see everything!!

  19. dropbox sync for me doesn’t work….

    version 3.1 pro

    and 3.2 beta 2

    no one of them is working. it seems the same trouble of previous version posted by some other users:

    “obert Hoskins
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 02:59:02
    I am not able to login to Dropbox through 7pass, I can login from the mobile browser and even Lindybox from my Samsung Focus. I also use the same information to login to the PC version of Dropbox. I have also uninstalled and re-installed 7pass, so far no luck. Using both WIFI and 3G give same results. Any help would be great, thanks.


    thomas moore
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 06:40:32

    I’m having the same problem. I setup a new dropbox account about an hour ago and put a test KeePass database in. Then I tried connecting with 7Pass but it keeps telling me that my credentials are incorrect.”

    • I’m sorry but I couldn’t reproduce the issue that you’re having.
      You may want to remove 7Pass from your DropBox account and try again:
      1. Log in to your DropBox account.
      2. Click on Account link on the top right corner.
      3. Click on My Apps tab.
      4. Click on the X icon of 7Pass to remove it.

      You can then try again and see if it’s working.

    • Free Version has a “Reminder” to buy the Full Version. The Reminder comes after Installation/update 5 times and then no more. No other other difference. Testing the Full Version and the Free Version have the same limitations (Reminder).

      Please be carefull, since the last update, both versions are displayed as “7Pass free”. But the Paid Version is acting as Full Version, so it is only a naming issue. I hope Van is fixing this with the next update.

  20. So, my work around was to use my old humyo.com account, which I have just found out has been bought out by Trend Micro, and is now called SafeSync.

    Anyway, I messaged myself the link generated by SafeSync, and pasted it into 7Pass.

    There was no error message stating I needed my .key file, rather it said I used the wrong password.

    Found out by luck that a Long Press, would give me the option to Downloaded the .key file, so I did in the same manor, and bingo! Happy days 🙂

    Would be cool if you could view the password as you are typing it in, not knowing what was wrong with DropBox, and not being able to see the password was frustrating.

  21. Stéphane BEHR says:

    dear developer.

    Your application seems to be great, but unfortunately, I’m not sure it’s really easily understandable, which version of keepass, it’s compatible with. I tried 2.0 beta 6 (certainly too old).

    Then I tried 2.18 / 2.17 and 2.15 … Each time, I got the message : “Invalid file signature detected. The specified file is not a KeePass 2.x database.” (I’m hosting it on a webserver of my own… Without authentication for these early tests).

    Despite the obvious fact, your message is wrong, maybe (I hope I’m not the only one to face this), you could precise, with your versions of 7Pass (either on the marketplace, or on this blog), which Keepass version we should be using.

    So I’m asking now… With the 7Pass free (I want to try it before buying it), version … What keepass version should I be using on my computer ?

    Thanks in advance !

    • Hi Stéphane BEHR,

      7Pass is compatible with KeePass 2.x, meaning any KeePass 2 version. I’ve tested 7Pass with every KeePass version from 2.15 to 2.18 (latest version up to date) and they’re all supported.

      It’s very likely that your web server is replying with some HTML responses instead of the actual file. The message “Invalid file signature” shows that the file returned by the web server is not a KeePass file. If there is indeed a version conflict, it will occur when you open your database, not when it’s being downloaded.

  22. Warren says:

    Hi 7Pass, excellent app very useful.

    One request that I would make for a future release would be for 7Pass to support the “Field Reference” functionality in KeePass.
    If (for example) you use the same e-mail address to register with multiple sites I use the field reference functionality to cross reference entries for those sites with the entry for the e-mail account. Within Keepass when you copy the field it gives you the username or password you require, in 7Pass you get the GUID.

    Could you develop the app to support this functionality?

    Many thanks

  23. Ewert Snyman says:

    I renamed the database in 7Pass and now it seems that it does not want to syncronise with my SkyDrive anymore. How can I fix this?

  24. Rajeev Kaula says:

    I downloaded the free version of 7Pass to check it out. So far the user-interface is good. I had some problems/issues.
    1. Why is the password hidden? If I am storing the password should it not be visible.
    2. The Notes are shown on a new page. Can it not be shown on the same page to bring more smoothness to the interface.
    3. I created an entry, but there is no option to delete it. Is this a limitation of the free version.
    4. It would not sync with the same database again on the Skydrive. On the other hand it would load another database. But, again there is no way to delete the second database. Is this a limitation again of the free version.


  25. Paolo says:

    Why you don’t add the possibility to load the DB from the phone file system?
    One can copy the DB to the phone by USB cable.

  26. tm says:

    I have long passwords and they are to long for a text field. The whole password isn’t visible. Is there a way to navigate left – right over field?

  27. Tester says:

    Now, Using Lumia 900, and a standard DB that my latest release of Keepass generated, will not open on my phone…
    I love your app otherwise but it is completely useless on my machine…

    I have sent you two emails with info about the problem…
    I hope you can make it work somehow, and yes, as pointed out before…
    a local copy would be nice, I dont always want to contect the net for using my keepass db, a local copy would be nice. 🙂

    • Tester says:

      ok, I found the problem…

      The problem is when you generate a password file, that has a large amount of key transforms…

      Now, I pressed the button, add one second…
      And, well, it just wount open on my Windows Phone…

      Now, leaving it at 6000 (default) will work just fine…

      So, there you have it, I think this was the problem for my db…

  28. oscar says:

    Great application.
    I have a bug: if the notes are to long… there not displayed (background and max windows size to short?)

    App: 7pass free
    phone : lumia 710 on mango

  29. This app is awesome, except I’ve noticed one potential annoying bug:

    Every time I synchronize my database with the one stored in my Dropbox account, it asks me for my database password again despite the fact that I told it to remember the password. Happens every time I click the … and sync.

  30. GApokrif says:

    I’m using 7Pass v3.5 and I’ve created keyfile on phone storage. Is it possible to copy this file to somewhere, skydrive for example?

    • Hi Mike,

      It’s caused by how SkyDrive API works.
      For Dropbox, when 7Pass uploads the database, DropBox returns a timestamp immediately, making 7Pass unlikely to have a conflict.
      For SkyDrive, 7Pass has to upload the file, then perform a separate request to get the database’s timestamp, in cases when something went wrong with the second request, the database is left in a conflict state: it has local modification, but the timestamp on SkyDrive has already been changed.

      7Pass 4 will solve this problem by setting the database as synchronized once it’s been uploaded to SkyDrive, meaning if the second request went wrong, 7Pass will see the same database on SkyDrive as more up to date and download it again, still a waste, but no conflict.

      • Marcel says:

        Hi Tran,
        When will v.4 be available? The database conflicts are driving me crazy. It’s the only thing holding me back from not paying for the full version.

  31. jrnos says:

    The 7pass applications (free and commercial one) in Windows Marketplace are of version 3.5 but the sources (especially file WMAppManifest.xml) at GitHub are still at level 3.4 – what’s up? There is though a tag for 3.5 in git but the applications in Windows MarketPlace cannot have been built from those sources (otherwise they would show the version 3.4 still).

    • Hi jmos,

      The source code on GitHub is the latest. 7Pass has to be built separately in order to protect the secret API keys. During the build, the version number is updated by my script so I made the mistake of not updating it.

      7Pass 4 is now in development, but its source code will not be available until the beta version is ready (soon).

  32. derP says:

    My Database is not loading after entering the main password. It hangs on the same screen saying “Lade” (“Loading”).
    it’s a relatively large kdbx (>40 KB) with a long password (>12 characters, numbers and german vowels)

    • Hi derP,

      I guess you have changed the number of transformations, which cannot be done quickly on your phone as compared to desktop (KeePass: File\Database Settings\Security\Key Transformation).

      The default value of 6000 is recommended in order to use with 7Pass, otherwise, the transformation will take a looong time on your phone.

  33. Klaus Hamacher says:

    I cannot update my database in Dropbox. 7Pass keeps telling me that I am selecting a invalid/corrupt database. Is there any way to tell it just dump the database as new file into Dropbox? I also tried SkyDrive but I couldn’t convince 7Pass to dump the database there either. One thing I noticed is that prior to this problem I got error messages telling me that there are conflicted versions. This is strange since I only go one way: phone to Dropbox. I would assume that it just keeps on overwriting the older (Dropbox) file but instead the file name became very long: KeePass (7Pass’ conflicted copy 2012-09-14) (7Pass’ conflicted copy 2012-10-01) (7Pass’ conflicted copy 2012-10-03) (7Pass’ conflicted copy 2012-10-04) (7Pass’ conflicted copy 2012-10-07) (7Pass’ conflicted copy 2012-10-18).kdbx. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for the great app!!

      • Klaus Hamacher says:

        Sorry, I should have been more specific. After a few backups the name became way to unwieldy and I shortened it to KeePass.kdbx which it is still. I believe it worked for a while before the update of the database started failing. BTW, the error message reads:”Error downloading your database. Please make sure that the url is correct.” How to I check the url?

  34. Klaus Hamacher says:

    Sorry, I should have been more specific. After a few backups the name became way to unwieldy and I shortened it to KeePass.kdbx which it is still. I believe it worked for a while before the update of the database started failing. BTW, the error message reads:”Error downloading your database. Please make sure that the url is correct.” How to I check the url?

  35. Has 7Pass been updated to deal with the latest version of the Keepass 2.0 database? When I use the latest version of Keepass to update the database, 7Pass responds that the database password is correct, but it can not open the file.

    I sent you a report via DigitalFocus.

    Thank You

  36. Hello,

    I purchased the product and it keeps saying that this is still the demo database, how do I get rid of that or how can I create a database that does not show it as a demo?

  37. Ajay says:

    Hi all
    I need urgent help here .on my kbdx file that unable open. I have been using authenticate using “Windows User Account” all this while i been using the same password . I have not change my password and my user profile is still the same.

    Version of Keypass i using is 2.19.

    I have done all search and all help i read is to checked :-
    How to recover a Vault corrupted by lost DPAPI keys.

    I am now not able retrive all my important password . Please can someone help me in this problem

    I am using Windows 7

  38. Ajay says:

    Hi all
    I need urgent help here .on my kbdx file that unable open. I have been using authenticate using “Windows User Account” all this while i been using the same password . I have not change my password and my user profile is still the same.
    Version of Keypass i using is 2.19.
    I have done all search and all help i read is to checked :-
    How to recover a Vault corrupted by lost DPAPI keys.
    I am now not able retrive all my important password . Please can someone help me in this problem
    I am using Windows 7

    error msg i getting all time and the path of Keypass folder is in correct volume
    ” D:\KeePass-2.19\D:\KeePass-2.19\Personal Keypass\NewDatabase.kdbx
    failed to load the specific key is invalid!!
    the composite hey is invalid
    make sure the composite key is correct and try again.


    • Anon says:

      Ajay, how did you sync your database? If via dropbox you can access you dropbox history and restore an older version. 7pass cannot use windows user account to access your database, so there might have been some sort of error there. Also, you shouldn’t be using the Windows User Account option if you don’t know what you’re doing.

      Next time make backups.

  39. Robert Pettersson says:

    I have my database file in my skydrive after accessing it for the first time is the database stored on the phone? I replaced my file in my skydrive but I could still access my old database.

  40. G. Renaud says:


    I paid for 7Pass and like the product.

    However, could you please provide clear instructions on how to use 7pass with Keepass 2.0 to keep the database synchronised between the two?

    I make new entries on my phone using 7pass, then I get database conflicts due to the renaming process of the .kdbx to.doc

    I would appreciate to understand clearly the process steps to follow, even if it is a workaround.

    Thanks in advance.

  41. Tom says:

    Kann mir jemand helfen?
    Ich bekomme beim Synchronisieren immer die Fehlermeldung:
    Das Update von Datenbank XXXX ist fehlgeschlagen:
    Fehler beim Herunterladen der Datenbank.
    Bitte stell sicher, dass das URL korrekt ist

    * Wo kann ich das URL einstellen?
    * Wie kann ich den Sync wieder aktivieren?

    Ich verwende die Version

    Danke für die Hilfe,

    • Klaus Hamacher says:

      Das gleiche passiert mir seit einiger Zeit und keiner scheint mir helfen zu koennen. Wenn Du das Problem loesst, lass es mich bitte wissen.
      Vielen Dank

  42. Iwo says:


    I’m using keepassPPC on my WM6.5 and XP-pc as registered user. On my WP7 run to this time the free version of 7pass. How is it possible to change the 7pass free version to a 7pass version, without data loss.


  43. Iwo says:

    Hi Alex, that’s not the solution. I’ve two parts of 7pass on the phone. The first 7Pass Free with my database and the 7pass without database.

  44. Milan says:

    Hello, for the first thanks for nice app. But, please, is there any possibility to “forget” once remembered password ? Thank you.


    • To remove the password:
      1. Open 7Pass.
      2. Tap and hold on the database, a context menu will be displayed.
      3. Select “clear password”.

  45. Nic says:

    I LOVE this App, and use it ALL the time. Thank you!

    However, I am now having an issue which is quite critical. I am using 7Pass Version 3.6, and since upgrading, I’m now unable to Sync with my SkyDrive copy of my App.

    Please give me clear steps on what I need to do in order to get these re-synced as soon as possible! I now have no backup!


    • I am also seeing this issue with 7Pass 3.6. I can only synchronize one way, i.e. changes made within the desktop app are downloaded but any change made within 7Pass causes a conflict and a copy of the db is created.

      This makes the KeePass db effectively read only within 7Pass. Please help!

  46. Jeffrey says:

    I just discovered that the notes on the phone don’t have the full notes that are on KeyPass. In other words after a line or two the contents of the notes don’t transfe over. Do I need to do something? I am using a Lumia 920 Windows 8 phone

  47. Sergey says:

    Tell me when it will be realized the possibility of opening a password-protected database and the file key.
    It is very necessary, thank you.

  48. Shannon says:

    I just installed 7Pass Version My Nokia 928 had to be replaced with a new one and when i set it up, this is the version of 7Pass that was installed by the window phone 8 recovery. On my old phone, i sync’d with drop box. On the new phone, i can get to the database on dropbox but the database is never downloaded.. i have to sign in to drop box through the web page each time. How do i get it to download. Thanks

  49. Laura says:

    I have a problem (probably depending on SkyDrive authorization settings), that I am not able to solve. When I trying to access to SkyDrive account through 7Pass, I press the Yes button to enable the permission, but the application is not able to load it. How can I solve such problem?


    • If you are using 2-Factor-Authentication you can run in to such Problems. If you to not use 2-Factor-Authentication, it seems you have a Problem with Cookie Settings on your Phone (Internet Explorer).

  50. Jouko says:

    I am not able to get webdav to work. If I enter database URL e.g. I will get empty screen with refresh button only. If I point directly to my db file e.g., screen will show heading passwords.kdbx and refresh button. With IE I’m able to browse my webdav share and access the db file. I have version and I’m using Apache2 as webdav server. If I add my database with web server things work, but I’d like to use webdav in order to be able to sync both ways. Please, any advice, how to get webdav to work?

  51. David says:

    Hi – its a simple thing but I can’t figure it out, so if someone could tell me how to remove a database from the list that is exposed when you initialise the app, I’d be most grateful

    • Hi Gertjan, not with the current version of 7Pass. 7Pass Remake will very likely able to handle KDBX files from email attachments, download from internet, SD card, OneDrive, etc.. Stay tuned for 7Pass Remake news.

      • Robert says:

        When can we expect this Remake? I used 7pass for a while, but meanwhile it became unusable if you want to share your kdbx file on different platforms.

      • 7Pass Remake is almost there, working on the saving part. However, since it’s for WP 8.1, you’ll have to have WP 8.1 first, which have not been rolled out to end users yet. If you’re a developer, feel free to download the source code and deploy it to your phone.

      • 7Pass Remake will not solve your problem immediately as it depends on 3rd party app to do the synchronization. I have not seen any app providing this feature yet, but I believe there will be soon.

      • Robert Manner says:

        Maybe there is missing something? In the Migration Report it gives me 4 Errors:

        SevenPass.Shared SevenPass\SevenPass.Shared\SevenPass.Shared.shproj 1 0 0
        SevenPass.Tests.Shared Tests\SevenPass.Tests.Shared\SevenPass.Tests.Shared.shproj 1 0 0
        SevenPass.Tests.WindowsPhone Tests\SevenPass.Tests.WindowsPhone\SevenPass.Tests.WindowsPhone.csproj 1 0 0
        SevenPass.WindowsPhone SevenPass\SevenPass.WindowsPhone\SevenPass.WindowsPhone.csproj 1 0 0

        any idea?

  52. Igor Tolstonozhenko says:

    I am looking forward to using google drive as a storage for pass database. Will 7Pass Remake make it possible?

  53. Ravi says:

    I’m getting error when I synchronize. I have sent email also regarding the exception that occurs. Is there any way to download the file beside synchronization. I am using Lumia 1520

  54. Seikenshin says:

    I look forward to its release! I’ve really appreciated having 7pass even if it is dated, so I imagine I’ll be even happier with the update 😀

  55. Gerald says:

    Just purchased and install 7pass on my windows 8 phone. I moved it to my SD card and the OS seems to have lost the program. I uninstalled the program and attempted to reinstall. When I attempt to reload the paid version, I get an error and the app won’t install, no other error. I am able to install and use the free version. Is there any way to get the splash screen to go away or another method for installing the paid version?

  56. KD1 says:

    Hi, I am trying 7pass with keepass 2.29 over Onedrive access. Unfortunately I get an error while trying to open my keepass database that it’s not an keepass 2.x file format?
    Whats the problem?

  57. 2wicked. says:

    Since recently 7pass is unable to access the .kbdx file in my OneDrive account. It seems I have several Windows Accounts. When I use the OneDrive app I connect to the account that holds the 7pass file (like 7pass always did before), but 7pass now accesses another Windows account that stores no files. I don’t know how to change the account back. Any ideas?

    • 2wicked. says:

      Maybe I was not clear: I meant 7pass can open the kbdx file but not synchronize to get the latest version. I think it’s the same problem Ravi mentioned earlier.

  58. Jan Kruse says:

    Hello, I very much like 7pass on my Lumia 930, especially having the Keepass-file on my Onedrive is great for access from different devices. However, I did not find any app in the AppStore on iOS (iPad or iPhone) that could access the Keepass-file on Onedrive. Any thoughts/ideas on that? Because it heavily reduces the value of 7pass for me since I use an iPad as well … Thanks in advance and best regards, Jan

  59. Mister Aife says:

    i would like to try your app, but when I try to load my DB from skydrive, the folder seems empty, and my database isn’t there.
    I would appreciate some help.
    Thanks in advance !
    Mister Aife

  60. Richard says:


    I have 7Pass version and my local mobile database suddenly does not synchronize with my Onedrive, giving the message (translated to english) “Error in downloading database. Please make sure the correct URL is selected”.

    Where can I change the URL or have a look into it? When I add and donwload the original file it works fine and a new database on my mobile is created.

    Now I have no possibility to upload/backup my mobile database anymore, which is an issue. Or is there another possibility how to get to the data in the App?

    Thanks and regards,


  61. Dirk says:

    Dear Developer,

    I have accidentally removed 7Pass from the app list in Dropbox that are authorized to access my files on Dropbox. It’s not possible to reverse that and authorize the app again on Dropbox. I tried to reinstall 7Pass again. However I can’t login to Dropbox. For some reason the button to sign in with Dropbox is inactive/greyed out. I’m using latest version of Dropbox for WP 8.1.

  62. Marc says:


    Same problem with my Nokia lumia 735 (running the SW version ‘Lumia Denim’ an update on the 8.1 version I guess…).
    I use the dutch version of 7Pass for some years yet and today, I get the problem with the logging in Dropbox.

    I keep and maintain my passworddatabase on dropbox using KeePass2.
    When I do an update of my passworddatabase, I always follow the same procedure:

    On the PC (Windows7)
    – update the database on dropbox using KeePass2

    On the Nokia lumia windowsphone
    – open 7Pass
    – remove the passworddatabase
    – log in in dropbox
    – upload the latest passworddatabase

    Today, log in in dropbox was not working. In the fields where ‘E-mailaddress and ‘Password’ must be filled in you can type your data but the original text remains (the words ‘E-mailadres’ and ‘Wachtwoord’) and also the log in button (‘Aanmelden’) remains greyed-out. So no possibility to log in.

    Note that log in on ‘SkyDrive’ is working fine.

    My workarround is to move my passworddatabase from dropbox to SkyDrive (OneDrive).


  63. Putte Bäck says:

    I see on keepass.info page that V2.35 is released 2017-01-09. Will this work with the for Windows Phone 8.1. I like to make sure before starting to use both of them?
    Regards Putte

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