Please fill in your email to join the beta program. Some notes before you join:

  • Your phone must be on Windows Phone 8.1.
  • Beta applications will be installed separately from the stable release.
  • Beta application settings cannot be migrated to the official application when it’s released.
  • Beta application settings doesn’t have updates, but beta versions will be released separately, meaning your settings will not be migrated.
  • Beta versions are time limited and cannot be used for productive usage.
  • Though I take great care not to cause any problem to your KeePass database, please be careful with your database.
  • You don’t need to have a developer unlock device to use the beta version.
  • The email you’re providing the the form must be the same as your Windows Phone account’s email address.
If you’re still ok with the beta program, please fill in your email below. You’ll receive an email as soon as a beta version is available.


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