7Pass idea: destruct password

I have an idea for 7Pass that I need to put it here so I won’t forget: destruct password. Remember the UK police detained Glenn Greenward and forced him to provide them his passwords? That’s just ridiculous, yet the UK court even later decided that it’s legal for the UK police to do so.  This is a clear violation of human rights, but let’s not talk about politics here.

I’d want 7Pass to have a feature to allow user to enter a password that will destroy all databases already registered in 7Pass. The idea is simple: have a special password that if entered by user, 7Pass just pretend that it’s mad and delete the database plus any other preferences, cache, etc… everything. In order for this to not be suspicious, 7Pass certainly will have to have the feature after if user enters a password wrong, let’s say 5 times repeatedly, the database will be removed from the app. The destruct password (configured by user) will simply make 7Pass shows “wrong password too many time, database deleted” immediately. You can always blame the UK police for playing with your phone.

I’m not sure about the capability of file picking in Windows Phone 8.1, but I’d want 7Pass to first overwrite the local cache with random data first, before deleting it, to ensure no recovery attempt is possible, and, if possible, send a file with random data to the source of the database file, to ensure and 3rd party app, or your phone, or the SD card that provided 7Pass with the original database file will also overwrite it with the random data, effectively destroy every possible source for recovery of your passwords.

If my KeePass database is destroyed, I’ll lose almost everything as I never remember any password. KeePass generates my passwords, and you should be that “forgetful” too; otherwise, you’re not using KeePass to its usefulness. UK police can then hack into my brain and not able to find anything, because they toyed with my phone, damn it, don’t touch it.