Surprise! 7Pass 2.0 is now available

7Pass is now available in all markets. It took Microsoft only one single day to test and publish the application.

Please update your 7Pass and let me know your experience. Good reviews on MartketPlace is appreciated.

6 thoughts on “Surprise! 7Pass 2.0 is now available

  1. Kalvin says:


    I upgraded to 2.0 – and none of the Fields are displayed! (The General and Notes info appears OK.)



  2. Hi Kalvin and Stefan,

    I’ve been able to confirm that fields are not displayed in 7Pass 2.0.
    I’ll have a fix for that today, and will update you when that fix is published to MartketPlace.

    Thank you for your support and sorry about this issue.

  3. Very good overall. I just got a Windows 8.1 Phone, but I’d been using Keepass on Android, so delighted to find your app for Windows. My only comment so far is that I’d like a little more ease of access for Advanced fields, as there are many instances in which I keep additional required information for a web site. Two methods: Click view/edit fields, as I do now, but add option to select a field, then when I click to go to a URL, this causes another option button to appear at the bottom (in addition to password & username), which if you click, will paste the selected field into the active text box. Alternatively, perhaps better, if an entry has Advanced fields, add a button when a text entry box is active that pops up a list from which I can select to paste a selected field value into the active text box. Thanks for this useful app.

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