7Pass 3.2 is available in Marketplace

Update: Please note that this update is only available for Mango devices only, thus, you won’t see the 3.2 version in MarketPlace if you’re not on Mango.

7Pass 3.2 should be now available in all MarketPlaces, for both free and non-free version.

Aside from changes in the Beta version, I’ve added the support for protection settings for entry title and username. That means if you specify that title, username or password should be protected, it will be displayed with asterisks in 7Pass until you tap on it.

  • To change these settings in KeePass: Open your database, then go to menu File\Database Settings, then Protection tab.
  • Please note that username will still be displayed with entry name in Group details page, even if you specify that it should be protected.
URL and Notes protection doesn’t make sense for 7Pass yet, therefore, no support yet.
Next version of 7Pass is already in development:
  1. Support for SkyDrive using Live Connect SDK. I’m not sure if Microsoft will allow productive usage of the SDK by the time next 7Pass is ready yet, but nevertheless, I’ll just get SkyDrive support to be ready so that we can support SkyDrive as soon as the SDK is ready for production.
  2. A less contrast background image. I receive a lot of requests for using a little less intrusive color theme to make it easier for the user’s eye.
  3. German translation, and possibly even more. My apology to nthobois for not make use of his translation for so long. I guess I’ll have to find some better way to make the translation easier for users to contribute.
  4. Support for attachments. I’ve actually had this implemented, with a text and image viewer. It’s quite useful actually, but this feature causes 7Pass to takes longer and using more memory to load the database. I guess I’ll have to improve the caching and attachments parsing before this feature can be included.
Please also voice your request for new features/enhancement here in case I forgot it.

18 thoughts on “7Pass 3.2 is available in Marketplace

  1. John Campbell says:

    just had a look for update on phone, but none displayed (I have 3.1 paid version installed). Can see 3.1 and 3.2 versions on Marketplace, so uninstalled 3.1, then downloaded 3.2. When I click on the link in the app to purchase, it takes me to the 3.1 version in Marketplace…?

    • Hi John,

      Version 3.2 is only for Mango devices, and I afraid that you’re not on Mango yet. Nevertheless, Microsoft is pushing out Mango to customer all over the world, so your phone should be upgraded to Mango soon.

  2. Threepwood says:

    I had no problem in getting the update! I’ll be very excited when SkyDrive Support is finished. So go on 😉 great job!

  3. My apology is no reply about some mail before a post, the translation has been done but some problem due any thing to do. Otherwise, my personnal apology on this tools is the security issue. It’s not a secure tool, sorry.

    • Hi thobois,

      It’s not your fault. It was difficult to translate 7Pass because I did not design 7Pass with the translation in mind. Moreover, since you’re not familiar with Git usage yet, your changes was hard to integrate to 7Pass, which is always at a very quick change rate.

      I’ll try to find a way to make the translation open source. The easiest way I have now is to use a public Google Docs spreadsheet where everyone can contribute. I’m still looking for more “open source” translation tools so that it’s even easier to use.

      Thanks for your efforts, and I hope to still have your support.

  4. Kernkraft says:

    Hi, could you please add an Option to enter the app password again if im out of the app and press the back Button on my phone! Its very unsecure when i could go back Inside the unprotected app just by pressing the back button. Or u could add a Button to lock the app manually. Thx

    • Thanks for your information, I’ve just checked and confirmed that the Global Pass feature (Settings\Requires password) doesn’t work when you’re navigating back to 7Pass with 3.2 due to the Fast Application Switching feature. I’ll include this fix in the next version.

  5. Hi Van,

    the new version looks great. specialy the asterisks feature. Sometimes, i have custom user fields in the database. And sometimes they are protected in the desktop by asterisks also (creditcardnumbers and such things). but if i view them with 7Pass, the field is automaticly revealed. Can you please add asterisks there also?

    BTW: the new Blog theme looks great.

  6. I just had a first look on KeePass2 and 7Pass:

    1. There should be a german version of V3.2 for WP 7.5? I can´t find…
    2. On WP I can not make entries with userdefined fields, or? There are only Titel, Username, Password, URL and Notes. In KeePass it should work. Will the userdefined fields synchronized to WP?
    3. On WP I miss the white standard theme.

    • Hi Gerwin,

      1. German translation is my target for the next version of 7Pass, not the 3.2.
      2. 7Pass doesn’t provide the ability to add fields yet. Changes you make to the fields value will certainly be synchronized.
      3. The white theme is activated when you’re using the white theme on your phone. Unfortunately, I have just found that the textboxes doesn’t display correctly on the white theme (textboxes display as black boxes until it receives focus).

  7. logan says:

    Hi I am trying to upload my keepass file from DropBox and it is saying “Invalid file signature detected. The specified file is not a Keepass 2.x database.”

  8. Tias4 says:

    erst einmal Besten Dank für die Programme KeePass und 7Pass. Ich nutze KeePass schon seit Jahren auch auf dem WM 6.5. Ich würde gerne /Pass mit https://WebDav.Mediencenter.t-online.de nutzen. Ich konnte auch schon einmal eine Verbindung erstellen. Nach einiger zeit ließ sich die Datenbank aber nicht mehr sycronisieren. Kann das mit einem Update zusammenhängen? Ich habe nun 7Pass deinstalliert und neu installiert. Aber leider hat das nicht geholfen. Liegt eventuell ein Buck in der Version 3.2 von 7Pass vor. Mit der DroBox möchte ich nicht syncronisieren. Für Unterstützung würde ich mich sehr freuen.
    Gruß, Tias4

    • Hab ich auch das Problem. Ist ein Bug in Version 3.2. Diese Version kommt scheinbar mit dem deutschen Datumsformat nicht klar. Ist in Version 3.3 beta gefixt und funktioniert auch. Dafür ist jetzt der Upload/Sync (also geänderte Datei zurückspielen) defekt. Hab Van bereits einen entsprechenden Bugreport zugemailt. Wie ich ihn kenne wird das sehr schnell gefixt. Bitte schreib in Zukunft auf englisch. Van kommt aus Hongkong und kann mit deutsch nicht so viel anfangen 🙂

  9. Tias4 says:

    Thank you for your quick response. Then I just have to wait for the new version. I hope it comes soon. ‘m Just waiting.
    Greetings, Tias4

    PS: Because my English is not so good, I’ll translate the text automatically. I hope he can be understood as yet.

  10. Tias4 says:

    Can I express in this way also desired. With KeePass there are two buttons that the user name and Passworwort for a short time in the memory copy. For this to be used in the corresponding application windows very easily. At 7 Pass is only possible by Coppy & Past. I would prefer the buttons. This saves you a click.

    Molding, Tias4

  11. Tias4 says:

    Hello, is already known when the version 3.3 will appear in the marketplace? I had bought 7Pass and can, do not use due to a Starbucks now. I can not access to Webdav drshalb and not getting my database to your mobile.
    Thanks, Tias4

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