7Pass 1.3 available globally

7Pass 1.3 is now available globally for all MarketPlace here. As usual, you can always get the source code of 7Pass on GitHub.

Improvements for this version:

  • Added history of recently viewed entries.
  • Update your DB resets usage count to 1.
  • Added incorrect password prompt.
  • Added support for group/entry icons.
  • Improved notes displaying in entry page.

In next version 1.4, targeted to be available 13th January, 2010, DropBox support will be the major improvement. Once you log in, 7Pass will remember your account information and allow very simple updating of the database. This feature will also provide better protection of the database file as it will always be transferred encrypted (communication with DropBox via SSL connection).

Another major change to 7Pass will be the support for multiple database (suggestion from Sebastian Pfohl here). 7Pass will then have a better navigation flow. Unfortunately, I’m now sure if I can fit this change to version 1.4. Even so, it will definitely be the next feature of 7Pass after DropBox support.

Thank you all for your support.


2 thoughts on “7Pass 1.3 available globally

  1. Any chance of adding windows live skydrive sync support as an altenative to dropbox. People using WP7 will already have a skydrive and I am not in the habit of creating new account on systems I don’t know how secure they are. I already know how to lock down folders on skydrive.

    Currently using skywallet on wp7 but would prefer to move back to keepass. Don’t know at this stage if skywallet will do a desktop version.

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